Difficulties faced by virtual assistants

Difficulties Faced by Virtual Assistants in their Business

Virtual assistants undergo several complications in their job, and there are also many ways available to overcome those pitfalls easily. The wonderful way to avoid challenges taking place in the virtual assistant job is to create awesome policies and adhere to them, so you never face any difficulties from virtual assistants. Unlike any other business […]

Qualities to look while hiring a competent virtual assistant

Competent Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is regarded as a valuable possession for all businesses but exclusively for small scale businesses where resources are in demand and access to finances are confined. The owners of small business need to manage their time efficiently so that they can focus on other activities to develop and grow their business. The […]

How to reset MySQL root password?

How to Reset MySQL Root Password

If you are using Linux and ever lose your MySQL root password or never set a root password and are now unable to access it, so don’t worry, there is an easy way to reset the MySQL root password. On all the modern Linux distributions you can recover the MySQL root password in just a […]

Offshore Staffing Companies : All You Want to Know About

Offshore Staffing

What are Offshore Staffing Companies? Offshore staffing companies are companies that offer assistance to companies who are looking to expand their workforce. Such staffs leasing companies are well equipped to handle the process of one to one recruitment and human resource management which is quite a challenging task to perform. Here is all you want to […]

Benefits of offshore staff leasing

With the technological advancements and the global marketplace becoming more and more integrated, companies today are absorbing newer means to achieve success. All sizes of companies in the quest to grow their business and improve their market share are competing with large corporations, small as well as medium-sized businesses and are adapting to newer developed […]

How to Hide Nginx Version?


Sometimes due to lack of time it is difficult to update the software and you end up with running old vulnerable version. In this cases, it comes to handy to know how to hide nginx version or turn off server signature in nginx from all the public. Hiding nginx version is too easy which can be done […]

Best Laptop Brands for Gaming and Editing

Best Laptop Brands for Gaming

If you have been looking for a new laptop that can quench your need for video gaming objectives, you can find some brands that provide gaming laptops with inclusive features that definitely gratify your gaming needs. Whether you are budget oriented or have enough money, there is something available in the market that best suits […]

Apache vs. Nginx: Selection of a Perfect Web Server

Nginx vs Apache

About Apache and Nginx Both Apache and Nginx is web-server software, that enables us to host website on a public internet. Introduction of Apache Apache is said to be the leading HTTP server software available on the web. It was initially developed and released as an open-source of installation and configuration patches for the NCSA […]

10 cool business ideas (low investment)


Starting a new business can be an aspiration for several people who want to turn their fervor into a livelihood. Establishing a small business can be risky even for seasoned entrepreneurs, but running it can be rewarding; all you need is a will to start a business. This is because small businesses used to face […]

Wireless charging technology

Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless technology is always welcomed as they are advantageous than unwieldy, wiry networks. You have a lot of options as the facility of wireless charging for mobile phones is implemented. If your mobile phone is running out of battery and you are in emergency to call someone, you can recharge your phone by packet energy […]