Fun Facts About Halloween You Should Know

Happy Halloween Day

Fun Facts About Halloween: Halloween is the one of the most popular and interesting fun event which is celebrated on October 31st every year. So here we are sharing some fun facts about Halloween day that you should aware of. If we look into Halloween Day’s history, there are so many things to know about; like […]

Halloween essay: It’s my favorite holiday

Halloween Day

Halloween Essay: It’s My Favorite Holiday Halloween is one of the best holidays for some people but it can also be scary and for others. Halloween is a holiday where some people believe spirits and soul of the dead that haven’t moved on will come back again to haunt the lives of the living. This […]

How to Impress Your Boss on National Boss Day

Impress Your Boss on National Boss Day

For National Boss Day, we brought some of the latest research to impress your boss. When we success the ability to impress boss is a significant factor in your success and the same thing goes for your happiness and productivity towards work too. However, there are a number of ways to impress your boss on […]

Christopher Columbus Day Quotes

Christopher Columbus Day Quotes

About Christopher Columbus Day. Columbus Day (Christopher Columbus Day) is a U.S. holiday portrayed as the discoverer of the New World on October 12, 1492. This holiday is a bit controversial because the European settlement in the Americas led to the termination of the history and culture of the indigenous peoples. It was unofficially celebrated in a […]

How to be productive when working from home?

How to Be Productive When Working from Home

Working from home comes with some amazing perks: slide out of bed, enjoy a relaxing breakfast while reading the paper and taking the morning headlines, and saunter over to your home office. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. And that, is just the problem. At home you’re comfortable, familiar and easily distracted. Working […]

Nginx Redirection Non-www to www and www to Non-www

NGINX Redirection www non www and Vice Versa

Sometime we will need to redirect the main non www to www, or the vice versa, www to non www url. This Nginx Redirection is useful if you need to avoid duplicate contents in your Search Engine Optimization methods because Google consider a site with www and non-www two different sites. So on Nginx we can […]

8 Questions You Should Ask to a Potential Business Partner

Business Partner

We cannot do everything ourselves and this applies to business sometimes. It is impossible for one person to possess all the necessary skills that come in to the picture when one decides to set up a business. This is why sometimes we need to rope in other people as partners. Potential business partners are all […]

Why business partnerships fail?

Business Partnership

Sometimes the rocky path of entrepreneurship is best taken with a partner by your side. Many a time, even if you find one or a few partners who share your vision things might not exactly work out. Here is a look at 7 reasons why your business partnership might not be working: 1. You don’t […]

Three golden rules of accounting with examples

Three Golden Rules of Accounting

In the accounting field, especially in the finance section, we are taught to create and pass the journal entries in the books of accounts. One must have knowledge of basic accounting rules in order to maintain the transactional entries. There are three rules here which are known as the three golden rules of accounting, in […]

How to pull an HTTP response code in Google sheet?

HTTP Response Code in Google Sheet

Google Sheet is one of the amazing online spreadsheet that can be used for almost anything about calculations. In this post I am going to share how to pull an HTTP Response code in Google Sheet. This might be helpful if you wanted to see HTTP Status code of multiple website without opening each website […]