5 Best Rifle Cases

Are you a hunter looking for the best rifle case to carry your long weapons? Do you want a case to take to the shooting range or for travel on an airplane? Do you just want to get a convenient gun case to keep carry your gun from one location to the other?

Whether you are looking for a hard or soft gun case, I have got you covered. Selecting the right gun case highly depend on how you intend to use it. After answering the above questions, I believe you will be a position to narrow down to the best gun case to suit your requirements.

Rifle Case

This guide covers some top quality gun cases in 2018 that provide a safe way or carrying your shotgun, rifle and other accessories. The cases also ensure that unauthorized personnel cannot get access hence giving you a full control.

On top of that, the best rifle cases I have covered prevent your weapon from scratches, bangs, and bumps especially if it has optics. Check out the top list to think about.

#1: Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapons Rifle Case

If you are planning to carry a long gun for long distances, this case has ample capacity to hold up to two long guns. The best thing I love about this gun case is the thick padding on all the sides that ensure your rifle is safe together with the optics.

The pockets are also padded and can hold up to two pistols. It has a divider that ensures rifles and shotguns do not bump into each other during transportation.

The case also has three external pouches where you can use them to store cleaning kits, ammo, magazines, and many other accessories.

Carrying the case is comfortable because it provides you with three carrying methods. You can choose to use the standard handle, shoulder strap or as a backpack depending on the method you find comfortable.

#2: Case Club Pre-Made AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case

This is a great gun case that is airline approved. It is designed with precut foam where you will just fit in your rifle if it matches the specs of the case. The foam insert is designed from a quality polyethylene which is easy to maintain clean.

This case is dustproof and waterproof and has ample space to hold rifle magazines, full-size pistol, pistol magazine, optics, rifle attachments and much more.

The level of security is pretty high so you do not expect to lose any of the items inside while on the go. The 5 built-in heavy duty latches lock everything inside so you can be assured of maximum security. Another unique feature in this gun case is that it has a silica gel canister that removes moisture in the case. This maintains your weapons in their best quality with no chances of rusting taking place which can end up causing damages.

#3: Plano 108361 Gun Guard AW Tactical Case

Would you love a gun case designed to hold an AR-15 rifle? The Plano 108361 is the best choice out there. The case can hold rifles up to 36 inches long.

This is an all-weather case that provides the best protection even in the most extreme weather conditions. It is designed with ultra-thick walls to keep your valuables safe. The security level is also high featuring a dri-loc weather resistant seal and a heavy duty stage latch that ensures everything stays inside the case.

This effective seal ensures that the case is dustproof, watertight and airtight. When it comes to the durability, you will be impressed. It features a very strong construction, high strength pinned hinges, density foam interior that all guarantee you with all-weather use.

#4: Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case

If you own a gun, having a gun safe will benefit you in many ways. Not only does it provide you with a convenient way of transporting your weapon but also ensure the safety of your rifle. If you want a gun case that will serve you for many years, get the Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case.

This case is designed with a heavy-duty nylon material that is water resistant. The inside features a heat-resistant lining that doesn’t stick to the barrels. This soft padded gun case also has extra magazine pouches where you can store all your magazines.

To ensure that all your items are safe, the case is designed with heavy-duty zippers and Velcro flaps on the external mug pouches. It is also easy to carry with the included carrying handles.

#5: Condor Single Rifle Case

If you prefer single case rifle case, try the Condor Single Rifle Case. The case features a heavily padded interior that provides maximum protection for your rifle and optics. In case you drop the case or experience too much bumps along the way, you can be sure that your rifle and optics will remain safe.

It has two compartments where the first one is 42 inches long and the second one is 26 inches long. It also has internal pockets where you can store pistols, optics and other important accessories.

The case is available in a wide range of colors from black, tan and green so you are not limited to color choices. The case also comes at a very pocket-friendly price hence saving you money.

Final Words

Having a gun case is very important if you want a safe and secure way to transport your weapon. It doesn’t matter if you are an outdoor enthusiast or an occasional shooter.

There are plenty of options to choose from ranging from soft and hard gun cases, single and double case and much more.

The choice you make will entirely depend on your needs. With the top gun cases above, you can be sure that your weapon will stay in the right condition regardless of the condition out there. Compare their main features and select the most suitable to carry your weapon while on the go.

This article is written by Gloria Stokes who is a passionate writer and editor who loves to read and write articles over weaponry like best gun safes and best gun cases to secure firearms and loves to travel. She has completed her weapons engineering from the Cranfield University.

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