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How can I become a contributor?

  1. Before you start writing, read the content contribution rules.
  2. Draft us the content for moderation and review.

1. Content contribution rules.

  • You should have a track record.
    • Newbies can directly send us to ready draft for review.
    • If you have a track record, better share with us, things may work faster.
  • Content must be related to the industry and thematic.
    • Articles cannot be used as a promotional tool for another company or be sponsored in any way, write exclusively for readers.
    • Our readers view contributors very much like traditional columnists, returning for particular topics that they have selected as their fields of expertise. Select a topic to focus throughout contributions.
  • Beware of Zero Tolerance Policy!
    • If we found doing anything illegal or anything harmful to our blog by any form, we have the right to remove the content or even delete the contributor’s account for the goodness of our community.

2. Draft the content on mail for review.

  • Make sure the draft is in text (.txt) or document (doc, docx, odt) format.
    • Don’t send us a PDF or image file unless it is for demonstration.
  • We handle the image and video things if needed. If you have any image or video ready with the document, attach them separately in email and write the citation with original source inside the document.
    • I’ll recommend using free stock images, if you are looking for one.
    • Do not use others copyrighted materials.

How to contact?

Contact us here with short info, and we’d definitely love to have you on board.

Please be advised, we are currently receiving a high volume of new requests each day, we appreciate your patience as we handle these requests as quickly as we can, but in the order, they were received.

We look forward to hearing from you!