Best laptops for programming

If you are a web developer (or you are currently studying) and a laptop is or will be the main instrument for you, you’d better learn all the characteristics of the top brands of laptops on the market before buying a new one.

This article will help you to understand the most important technical qualities of a laptop for programming needs.

Best Laptops for Programming

There are a plenty of programming languages and software, and this may effect somehow your choice, but we will try to find a laptop, which will be universal and reasonable in price and power characteristics.

When choosing the best laptop for developers, you have to pay attention to the features that this device needs to meet.

Portability and weight.

The size of your future laptop depends on your mobility. If you are going to work mostly in the office or at home, the 15+-inch device won’t be a problem. But if you understand that you’ll be traveling a lot, think about more modest diagonals, like 13 or 14 inch that will fit the space of any backpack and will certainly be easier in weight. Experienced programmers who move a lot from place to place, from town to town think that sometimes a 13 inch is even too big and heavy to hold on the knees in the transport.

Display size and screen resolution.

The majority of budget laptops have the screen resolution 1366×768 pixels with a low quality of the picture, and your eyes won’t like this, especially if you are going to spend 6-8 hours a day working on it. That’s why this criterion is extremely important for a laptop for coding.

There is no need to buy a fancy and quite expensive 4000 pixels displays; it won’t help you in a process but will low your battery fast. The perfect and adequate variant will be a 1920×1080 full high definition screen with an IPS matrix of good quality. Don’t forget to pay attention to a viewing angle of your laptop. For a clear vision, it will be enough the 120 degrees.

CPU / Processor.

When we talk about programming and running codes, the most important criterion for a laptop is a plenty of a processing power. Thankfully, almost every modern laptop is processing with many cores and high clock speeds, and it won’t be difficult to find a good one among the variety of variants.

RAM / Memory.

For a comforting work to run a complex code there 8 gigabytes of RAM (Random Access Memory) will be quite enough, but if you are not in a budget, you may add some money and buy 16 or 32 gigabytes model.

What to choose, a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or a Solid-State Drive (SSD)?

To be straight, we know that a hard disk drive is slower and cheaper than a solid-state drive. It is often used now on the cheap laptop models and is rather utilizable for a regular user. Well, if we talk about coding work, then SSD models will be significantly beneficial.

SSD models are also load saved projects faster, and the HDD will give you much more storage space – 1TB (comparing to SDD which has 256GB or 512GB it will be remarkable).

Here we give you to decide what is actual for you.

Battery life.

This point is also important for those who travel a lot – in this situation you are not guaranteed to be plugged in all the time, take care of the possibility of a laptop to hold a battery at least for 5-6 hours at a run. Let’s say if you are about to write my essay website then a long battery backup is always needed.

Well, we’ve covered the main and most important criteria for you to pay attention to when choosing an appropriate device for your activity. Now we’ll propose you several latest models of different manufacturers. We want to assure you that all next models aren’t promoted content, but only a guide for you to find the approximate laptop price and optimal variants according to the information we’ve provided above.

We’ve sorted the list so that a laptop price was from low to high. In this list, we’ve gathered different models that are close to premium and the budget variants which are affordable for any student.

Best laptops for programming.

After having carefully evaluated the market and the features above, we came up with the following list of devices for you to check out:

No.Best laptops
01Apple MacBook Pro
02Apple MacBook Air 13
03HP Spectre x360
04Dell XPS 13
05Microsoft Surface Pro 4

We have provided you with the main characteristics which are important first. But be aware that there are a lot of others to look into. Don’t forget about a video card, the number of USB ports, wireless standards, etc. We wish you good luck in your professional development!

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