How to choose the right oil filter?

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The oil filter plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of any automobile. While engine oil keeps the engine up and running for the longer time, the oil filter keeps the contaminants that accumulate over the time away from the engine. Similar to motor oil, the oil filter is also very important for the proper functioning of the automobile. When the oil enters the filter through the holes on the base plate, the dirty oil then passes through the filter where it is cleaned. Choosing the right filter is essential for the smooth running of your car.

Oil Filter

Types of oil filters.

Mechanical oil filter: This type of oil filters comes with an element made of cotton waste or pleated filter paper to catch the contaminants. As the materials start to build upon the filter, the oil flow gets restricted. These filters require periodic replacement for the effortless functioning of your automobile.

Cartridge and spin-on filters: These were popular in older days. The cartridge filter had a drain plug in the canister and are less messy to change. Whereas, Spin-on filters were designed for full flow filtering system which cartridge was lacking.

Magnetic oil filters: These types of filters use a permanent magnet in order to catch the ferromagnetic particles. The maintenance of these filters is very easy and simply requires to clean the particles from the surface. These magnets were first introduced in cars and motorcycles of the 1930s to catch the metallic particles, however, there is still a debate going on about the effectiveness of these filters.

Sedimentation filters: These filters let the heavier contaminants to settle at the bottom of the container under the influence of gravity.

High-efficiency filters: These filters are claimed to extend oil drain intervals. High-Efficiency filters typically come with 3 micrometers pore size in order to reduce the engine tear (suggested by several studies). Some of these filters are known to extend the drain interval by 5-10 times.

How to choose the best filter for your car?

Before making a final decision in regard to buying the oil filter for your vehicle, it is best to know which type of filter is suited for your vehicle and performs best under your preferred driving conditions.

A. Go with the best-fit oil filter.

The oil filter size should be dependent upon the size of the engine for which it has been developed. More than often, you will see the design cues of the filter vary as per the manufacturer’s specifications. While choosing the oil filter, one needs to do proper homework on the size and design elements that perfectly suits the engine of your vehicle. When all these conditions are being met, finding the right oil won’t be a problem.

B. Don’t forget the pricing.

There are several types of oil filters available in the market at the various price range. In order to find the best deal, you need to compare the parts from various sellers in terms of pricing and based on that make your decision. This will enable you to get the best performing filter at the best possible price. The cost of the product largely depends on the brand name it is associated with.

C. Bigger is not better.

This is an important thing to keep in mind while shopping for an oil filter. Remember to follow manufacturer’s recommendations mentioned in the guide. Do not think that you are getting a better filter if adding a bigger filter just because it fits the engine of your car. It might have a different filter media and bypass valve rating than the correct filter.

D. Inspect it carefully.

The filters that come with a greater number of pleats offer better filtration opportunities. Make sure to look for the filters that have filtration number between 3 microns to 10-micron range. Remember to go for metal end cap ones and ditch the cardboard type filters. Be sure to have an oil filter adapter and an oil filter wrench to meet the engine’s requirements. Always inspect the filter carefully before getting it installed to your vehicle.

Final words.

In order to find the best-suited oil filter, you need to have basic understanding of oil filters. Good oil filters can surprisingly enhance the performance of your vehicle and the bad ones do just the opposite. People who are looking for high-quality oil filters can browse the corresponding oil filter catalog online. Moreover, you can find the oil filter price list from various suppliers to help you compare and get the best deal out of it.

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