Why tire companies love EVs?

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The rapid adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is creating ripples across the automotive industry, and tire companies are among the significant beneficiaries of this shift.

As EVs become more common on the roads, tire manufacturers are experiencing a surge in demand and unique opportunities for innovation.

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Here’s why tire companies are embracing the electric revolution.

Increased tire wear and tear.

EVs, known for their instant torque and heavier batteries, cause more wear and tear on tires compared to their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. The high torque delivered by EVs leads to quicker acceleration, putting more stress on the tires.

Additionally, the increased weight of the battery packs means the tires need to bear more load addition to other loads. This accelerated wear translates to more frequent tire replacements, boosting sales for tire manufacturers.

Need for specialized tires.

Electric vehicles require specially designed tires to optimize performance, safety, and efficiency. These tires need to support the heavier weight, provide low rolling resistance to enhance battery range, and maintain quiet operation to match the quieter nature of EVs.

This has opened up a lucrative niche market for tire companies to develop and supply advanced, high-performance tires tailored specifically for EVs.

Higher margins on premium products.

The demand for specialized EV tires often leans towards premium products, which come with higher profit margins. EV owners are typically more willing to invest in high-quality tires that enhance the vehicle’s performance and efficiency. For tire manufacturers, this trend means not only increased sales but also the potential for higher revenue per tire.

Sustainability and innovation.

The push towards electric vehicles aligns with the broader movement towards sustainability. Tire companies are leveraging this shift to innovate and develop eco-friendly products. From using sustainable materials to improving manufacturing processes, tire companies are enhancing their green credentials.

This not only appeals to environmentally conscious consumers, but also positions tire companies as forward-thinking and responsible players in the automotive industry.

Collaboration and partnerships.

The rise of EVs has also spurred new collaborations between tire manufacturers and EV makers. These partnerships focus on co-developing tires that meet the specific needs of new electric models, often resulting in bespoke solutions that further enhance vehicle performance. Such collaborations foster innovation and ensure that tire companies remain integral to the evolving automotive landscape.


The electric vehicle revolution is proving to be a boon for tire companies. With increased demand for specialized, high-performance tires and opportunities for innovation and sustainability, the tire industry is thriving alongside the growth of EVs.

As the world continues to shift towards greener transportation, tire companies are well-positioned to ride the wave of change, driving both technological advancements and sustainable practices.

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