Classification of accounts: Personal, real, and nominal

Classification of Accounts: Personal & Real & Nominal

An account is a list of business transactions falling under the same description for a given period of time. A systematic and summarized record of business transactions with respect to person, property, loss, gain, income, expense is known as account. An account is generally prepared for one complete year. The word Account in abbreviation, can […]

Top 5 mobile monetization platforms for your mobile app

Mobile Monetization

App developers often face challenges of mobile monetization platform in terms of app discoverability and user retention. An average user prefers to use regularly only 3-4 apps and usually delays anything beyond those. Organic traffic is also essential. Finding a good mobile ad platform for mobile monetization could be really tiring, so we have prepared […]

Best Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services

Flash: The Fastest Man Alive

A fast and active website gains a huge amount of popularity among global people because of its enhanced user experience, better rankings, and unique features. If you wish to achieve the benefits, you can use the best and effective resource on your website. Choosing the right tool is not an easy task, because few of […]

Top 10 Best Search Engines in the World

Best Search Engines

In this highly advanced world, many people regularly use an internet platform to search unknown things to, buy products, run business and for other purposes. Search engine plays a vital role in searching process, because it is purely designed to successfully search for details on WWW (World Wide Web) including images, web pages and different […]

Reasons to Use CDN on Your Website


There are tons of tools and services out there that can speed up your website. So why choose a content delivery network? It’s simple, CDN actually works. For those of you who don’t know what a content delivery network is or do not remember precisely, let me explain: CDN is a network of servers spread […]

Leap year birthday wishes for babies born on rare birthday

Leap Year Birthday Wishes

Babies who are born on 29th February called “Leapers”, “Leapling” or a “Leap Year Baby”, because they are born on day which comes only once every four year. So to considering their rare birthdays here are some of the Leap Year Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Sayings to wish leapers. Since leapers celebrate their birthdays once […]

Cool things you can do with Google classroom

Google Classroom

A cool innovation, Google Classroom, available at, is a versatile tool to help students with their education. What is known to be a Google Apps for Education, Cafe domain for short, this tool is available in a number of progressive schools today. The reason why Google Classroom continues to get it widespread is that students […]

5 Online Business Ideas to Get You Started

Online Business Ideas

There is no dearth of creative and interesting online business ideas available on the internet. The advancement in the internet technology has made it possible to handle all the aspects of a business from the comfort of your home office. It has also reduced the necessity to lease an office right away, thus giving aspiring […]

Best free email services

Best Free Email Service Providers

We are living in a modern world where the modes of communication have seen tremendous changes. The growing internet technology has transformed the way how we communicate with our friends, relatives, customers, clients, and business partners. Today, every one of us owns one or multiple free email account from the leading email services. We are […]

Best Android Launchers to Customise Your Mobile

Best Android Launchers

Are you sick of staring at age-old icons dominating your Android’s home screen? Consider installing one of the latest and best android launchers that promise to give your device a total makeover – right from changing its look and feel (via exciting icons or themes) to integrating new functionality like the assistive search, smart folders, and wallpapers. […]