Why is Upload Slower Than Download? Explained

If you are one who is thinking why my internet connections upload is slower than the download speed then considers this as a normal thing, because it is same for rest of all.


While testing the internet speed everyone has seen the download and upload speed. Most probably the speed of download is always higher than upload, and if you’re like most of the rest of us who are thinking why my upload is slower than the download speed then consider this as normal. Why? Check out below.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) who enables the Internet connection for you optimize the download speed for the sake of faster download speed for you all the time. They used to limit or allow fewer priorities the upload speed than download. The Internet is a publishing medium where most of its users will be recipients who will download only.

In the practical world, download speed is prioritized and some of the websites are whitelisted (like YouTube, Netflix) for maximum speed especially for home-based users. Because at the day end a home user is not going to host servers or going to do anything which requires more bandwidth.

Businesses that make use of leased line or enterprise connections, the download and upload speeds are dedicated to them which are called 1:1. Means they are not going to share this connection with anyone.

For home users, connections are shared with common cable. So it is possible that your ISP might give you connections based on 1:2, 1:4, 1:8 or more.

This ratio is called as Internet link ratio.

For instance, ISP has a dedicated connection of 100Mb/s to share with users.

  • 1:1 – Whole 100Mb/s will be used by 1 user, no sharing at all.
  • 1:2 – 2 users will share the Internet line.
  • 1:4 – 4 users will share the Internet line.

Most of the ISPs who provide you internet connection at affordable or cheaper rate is utilizing link ratio. This is how ISPs earn, and this is why your uploading speed is slower than the downloading speed.

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