10 Unearthly Places You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Mu Cang Chai Rice Terraces, Vietnam

To amaze your brain, we have compiled 10 unearthly places that you won’t believe actually exist. The beauty of mother nature is simply awesome. Yet unknown to many of us, it has so much more to offer aside from breathtaking natural wonders. Check out these visually stunning and totally unbelievable places on Earth. 1. Door to […]

List of 10 IIT Colleges in India

List of IIT Colleges in India

IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology. Everyone dreams to get an engineering admission from the IIT which is located in India. The IIT was formed and developed by the engineer and scientist with the objective of creating a talented pool of trained scientists and engineers who could contribute towards the economic and social development […]

Optimize MySQL Databases to Improve the Query Performance


Many times you must have been facing the issues that are caused due to a slow running database. In such cases when the database is running slow, several queries will line up, the backlogs will grow at pace and users would be refusing connections. What do most management boards do in such a condition? The […]

Choosing the best travel laptops

Best Travel Laptop

In today’s world, more people have jobs which require them to travel sometimes during the week if not every day. IT employees, business travellers or any technical people need to work while travelling so as to utilize their little time as much as possible. Due to growing business needs, people nowadays require a portable Laptop […]

Quick Tips to Enhance Your Mobile’s Battery Life

Enhance Your Mobile's Battery Life

There is no secret that mobile’s batteries are less reliable than one would expect them to be. Of all the things you can possibly think of, the battery of a mobile can really ditch you at the most urgent moments, making you realise that technology did not actually solve all of the problems. However, that’s not […]

How to Install WordPress with NGINX PHP7 PHPMyAdmin

Install WordPress on NGINX PHP7 with PHPMyAdmin Ubuntu16.04

Here is this article we are going to see how we can install WordPress on NGINX with latest and super fast PHP7 with PHPMyAdmin on Ubuntu 16.04 which is the newest Debian/Ubuntu distribution as of now. We will use MariaDB in replacement of MySQL for database uses and will also install Postfix service to basic […]

How to forward Rediffmail to Gmail?

Forward Rediffmail to Gmail

You can forward all the Rediffmail emails to your Gmail inbox directly using a forwarding option. It is a lifesaver feature if you wish to manage all of the emails from a Gmail account. Gmail is much more intuitive than Rediffmail and offers some of the rich features which Rediffmail lacs. Also, Gmail is becoming […]

Www-data SFTP User Setup


If you have followed our article Install WordPress on NGINX with FastCGI Cache in Ubuntu, you may noticed that when you try to login to FTP with default root or root privileged user, there are numbers of permission issue. Since we have assigned a www-data user for nginx, php5-fpm and the directory where we hosted […]

10 Skills You Need to Get a $100,000 Engineering Job at Google

Engineering Job at Google

Google, which is the largest employer in the world, is the only company where Engineers can work like rock stars. The company offers lots of employment opportunities for engineers to study internship and qualify for a respectable position in the company. If we talk about software engineer salary, in Google, interns get a salary of […]

Ways to Make Money Without an Investment

Make Money Without Investment

Money is not everything, but still all of us want money to do just everything. Money can’t buy emotions, but still money is needed for every little work and for the survival. Earning money is not a difficult task, but earning decent money according to your capabilities and skill is really very difficult. What can […]