How to Start a Blog without a Budget and Start Earning within a Week?

Starting a blog is a dream come-true for those of us who want to express opinions, ideas, and educate people while still staying at home and having personal freedom –including the option of working in their pajamas, at the park, at Starbucks, or even on holiday.

Start a Blog

While many people go away to escape the monotony and pressure of everyday life, starting a blog can help you work on what you feel passionate about. Whether you’re not amazing with computers yet, or whether you don’t have large pockets to start your own business, blogging is an incredible opportunity – make no mistake though, it will still take a lot of work and dedication.

End Goal: Pleasure or Money?

Before going into the finer details of blogging, you must decide on whether your budgetless affair is a hobby or a means of making cash. While you can do both, the paths you take might be entirely different than what your mind expects.

For example, if you are creating a remarkable chronicle for your friends and family, then your budget doesn’t need to be big anyway. However, we want your blog to be worth your time, and we believe you should put money into your pockets –regardless of how little or much money you initially invest.

While you can go down the self-hosting path using WordPress, you will need some knowledge of computer and hosting in general terms. Getting the best deal possible is imperative when you start out, and Bluehost is the cheapest hosting in 2018 according to Amazon[1].

Identify Your Niche Area

The most accessible path towards starting to earn money is picking a topic that you can’t shut up about. Whether its politics, the environment, cooking, or gaming, you will need to bring passion into each one of your posts.

When you don’t have a huge budget, you don’t want to be hiring writers to do your work for you, and that’s why you have to be confident about your knowledge skills on the subject. Choose something that you’re good at, and be prepared to debate it or answer questions about it as well.

If you’re a success story, having survived something hard, traveled the world for years, or been part of a cult, that’s what you should write about. However, it’s noteworthy that the easiest blogs to monetize are the ones that help others solve everyday problems. The best part: these advice blogs can easily be adapted to nearly every niche, making things easier for you.

A word to the wise: if you’re looking to boost your cooking skills, photography will be a massive part of your overall blog. While you don’t need to be a professional, crafts and foods, require an eye for detail, and the ability to showcase that skill.

While there are ways to get around that (i.e., hiring someone who knows what they’re doing), you can’t do that without a budget. Due to this, I’d recommend trying to find your way with a camera. Otherwise, steer clear of those niches.

Come Up With A Catchy Domain Name

Because you need to pick a host that will list your domain name using a server, it’s best to choose a service that does this excellently while also boasting a budget-friendly price. Like mentioned earlier, Bluehost will be able to cover all your hosting needs –particularly if you want to make some serious cash.

Another significant advantage of this service is that when signing up and afterward, you can genuinely talk to people who hold multilingual skills and hold some impressive expertise on different topics. Offering to put your name on the internet for as little as $3.95/month, you can even get better deals by hunting their promotional codes and choosing an extended plan.

Install WordPress

If you have picked the option of registering with Bluehost, next step is installing WordPress. The installation is going to be that easy that you’ll possibly complete it in less than five minutes. In fact, Bluehost make it fool-proof by offering a one-click installation process in your dashboard.

If you’re wondering why choosing WordPress is the way to go, there are many reasons –mainly, that it’s free. User-friendly and undeniably as powerful as the paid version, it simplifies starting a blog with a beginner friendly process and tutorial.

Pick a Visually Interesting Theme

Because you want to both make money but still have the freedom to spend time with your friends and family, choose a theme that is already out on the internet and looks impressive. There are multiple services you can opt for, including the Authority Pro Theme from Studiopress. The best thing about them is that they feature a user-friendly platform that is straightforward and easy to navigate.

You can even build your own theme by creating two different frameworks. In other words, you’ll need to make a bunch of change to your website –unless you have a hosting service which can do all that on your behalf.

Technically speaking, nothing is stopping you from choosing the color schemes and fonts you want, and you could spend hours on that. But, don’t get caught up in these tiny details before noticing whether your blog is catching the interest of readers or not. For example, SEO is going to be more essential.

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