Best affordable car gadgets to improve car audio

How can I improve my car stereo so that it delivers better sound? This is a question that continuously runs through the minds of car owners. There are many options available for improving car audio. However, figuring out exactly what you need and having the best gadget for that purpose is not an easy task. It’s wise to take your time to set a clear goal first then go shopping for the accessories that will achieve that goal as accurately as possible.

With a clear goal of what to do to improve the sound your stereo produces, you can avoid wasting money on installations that don’t really make your car audio system perform as you wish.

So, what would you like your stereo to do now that it doesn’t?

  • Deliver a big, clear bass that’s not distorted?
  • Play CDs/MP3 files or DVDs on a retractable touch-screen display?
  • Use a Bluetooth connection to make calls and stream music?
  • Control your portable audio devices such as your cell phone?

Today’s technological advancements are making merely anything possible. Speaker Champion aims at always keeping you in the know about the best car gadgets on the market to enable you to maintain your car audio on top of the game. Whether you just need to replace the factory car speakers with high-performance speakers or wish to improve the sound system so that it feels like a live concert, Speaker Champion has all the information you need.

Car gadgets that can make your car audio awesome!

Improve Car Audio

1. Powerful amplifiers.

If you have installed new and more powerful subwoofers, there’s a big chance that they need more power to give you the additional bass you’ve been looking for. Take full advantage of your subs with a completely dedicated amplifier. The subs will get the much-needed juice and you’ll notice a day-and-night difference in the quality of sound. Separate amplifiers provide more clean power to the car stereo and make the head unit much better than it would be with factory built-in amps.

2. A better sub box – build or simply buy.

A powerful subwoofer inside the wrong enclosure is a perfect case of underuse. Get a better box for your subs for better sound. Depending on your preference, you can choose a ported box or a sealed enclosure. Both work well but what’s important is making sure the chosen enclosure has the correct dimensions to match the sub. A mismatch can cause quick wearing out or total damage to the subwoofer.

You can find ready-made enclosures that will work perfectly with your sub. In fact, purchasing a ready-made sub-enclosure is the better option if you don’t want to face the hassles of building one from scratch.

3. Modern car audio’s inputs.

Car Audio’s Inputs

Crappy audio inputs can make your car stereo crappy as well. They limit you to radios and cassette tapes – CD player at best. But you have an upgrade option for all situations. See below some of the common solutions to crappy audio inputs:

Cassette Adapter – If your car has a tape deck in addition to a radio, you can purchase a cassette adapter but then you’d have to deal with additional noise as the cassette adapter will produce a bit of noise.

If the radio has an auxiliary input, a Bluetooth adapter is the best wireless option. With this adapter, you’ll only need to plug in your smartphone or other device and listen to your music.

Bluetooth Cassette Adapter – allows you to stream all your favorite playlists from your mobile device. You can get an adapter that will offer you up to four hours or more of playback – all on a single charge. You can also enjoy hands-free calling if your Bluetooth adapter has a built-in microphone.

4. Noise killers.

Noise Killers

Car audio sound quality can significantly deteriorate if there are unwanted noises from different sources. Vibration and engine noise are some of the noises you can’t have if you want to enjoy the best sound quality inside the car. How do you deal with these noises?

Vibration dampeners – They help to minimize the number of sound waves your audio has to compete with. They absorb vibrations and minimize acoustical reverberations. With vibration dampeners, you don’t have to turn on the volume to prohibitive and unhealthy levels to hear the lyrics of your favorite jam. Install them in the car’s interior for a much improved in-car entertainment experience.

Engine noise dampeners – The engine is the second loudest part of your car after the stereo. And with its close proximity to the car’s interior, some of the noise it produces definitely bleeds through the car’s structure and disrupts your listening experience. To ensure that engine noise isn’t a problem, dampen the engine compartment. There are various products for this purpose. There’s one by Stinger that comes with a peel-and-stick material that’s installed on the inside of the hood to dampen engine noise.

You can take up the task of researching the best engine noise dampening products and you’ll surely find one that meets your needs and budget.

So, have you found the best car gadgets to improve your car audio system?

Simple upgrades such as the ones briefly presented above can really make your car’s audio system function much better. They can make it possible to integrate useful technology with your stereo for a better listening experience. The good thing is that they don’t involve major modifications to your car’s interior or the existing audio system. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on the gadgets and their installation. And whether you have an expensive or averagely-priced vehicle, these gadgets are universally applicable and work perfectly well for all types of cars.

If you wish to make a bigger leap into the future, you could harness the power of mobile operating systems like iOS and Android to not only improve in-car entertainment capabilities but also aid your driving needs. A car-mounted tablet, for example, would include turn-by-turn navigation on a large screen. You can access your local music selection, stream video to entertain your passengers, or do just about anything the system can allow you to do. The technology is there and gadgets are readily available; the only limiting factor might be your imagination.

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