Why Do Most YouTubers Fail?

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When it comes to watching videos online, YouTube is the first thing that comes across our mind. Not only for viewers, the platform is providing so many YouTubers their bread and better who are making their living out of it. In this detailed post, I would be bringing some of the common points why most YouTubers fail and why they are not able to earn the recognition on the platform as they had thought while getting into YouTubing.

This post is for all those wannabe YouTubers who are thinking of making it big on the platform. Hopefully, this post will help you to get started with the right mind-set and direction.


Let’s look into those points one by one and see how you could get into professional YouTubing without failing.

YouTubing Without Passion

Getting started on YouTube is like starting your own business. There is no room for people not having passion for their work. If you are taking YouTube as some get rich quick money making scheme, it is better to not waste their server space by making your account.

The only people who make it big on YouTube are those who are ready to go to their extreme level to bring an outstanding content for their viewers.

It needs a lot of passion along with patience to make to attract a large audience overtime. Passion is the foremost thing which beginner YouTubers lack. They think that once they upload a video, it would get a ton of views instantly which is wrong. You need to regularly produce great content on you channel in order to increase your audience. This is only possible if you have passion for your work.

Copycat YouTubers

As it may be clear from the heading itself, there is no place for copycat YouTubers who just copy someone else videos and post as theirs.

YouTube as a platform is very strict about such instances. It is evident that if you are one of the above category, sooner or later, your account will get banned.

Mostly, YouTubers practice such act for getting easy views on viral videos and earning some quick bucks. However, there is rarely any channel which could get through with such an act.

If you are copying a video from another channel, you are not only making your channel vulnerable to ban but also ruining the time and money the other channel spent for creating that video.

Not Using Right Equipment

As a YouTuber, there are many factors which come into play for gaining a massive audience. Using the right set of equipment plays a major role. If you are not using the right set of cameras, microphones and editing software, even if you have talent, you won’t be able to showcase it properly.

Apart from passion, you should also have presentation skills which is only possible when you use modern day technology. Our eyes have become more adaptive to better technology. Gone are the days of 3gp mobile videos, people now prefer to watch HD videos even if the content is of moderate quality.

Content Quality

You must have heard this phrase “Content is King”!

It is absolutely true. The reason why one video becomes viral overnight and another one strives to gain any views is the content only. Great content attracts a mass audience. There is no secret in gaining views on YouTube. It only depends on the content quality and the scope of sharing it within your network.

In short, make an outstanding video and share is as much as possible within your network.

Not Understanding Your Audience

Well, most of the YouTubers strive to gain views, comments and likes on their videos. Once you get those, it becomes your responsibility to analyse your audience, their likes and views about your content.

If you observe any big YouTuber, they will mostly tell their viewers to put their views about the video in the comments section so that they could understand whether the video they made was actually good for their audience or not.

Once your start reading your audience and what sort of content they need from your end, your success graph is bound to increase exponentially.

Audience Engagement

I have covered some part of this point already. Audience engagement is the key to understanding your audience.

There are so many ways you could do that. YouTube live, Facebook live and what not, you can engage with your audience directly using various ways and get to know their viewpoint.

Of course, you will get mixed reactions, it is your duty to work on the common points and improve those in your next set of videos.

PRO TIP: Most of the times, YouTubers use these methods to decide their next video topic if they are having a mind block.

So these were the top five points to ponder if you are getting into professional YouTubing.

For a truly passionate and talented guy, there is no limit to reach success. The only pro tip which I could give at this time, analyse your competitors and try to get a better content with better presentation in front of your audience.

Do let us know in the comments section if you have something to share with us about this post. We would be glad to see to your queries and help you become a successful YouTuber.

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4 responses to “Why Do Most YouTubers Fail?”

  1. Donna Merrill Avatar
    Donna Merrill

    Hi Atul,

    You have successfully written five most important points on Youtube success. Indeed, we must be patient and consistent. But most of all passionate about what message we are conveying.

    We have to keep up to date on the latest equipment we can afford so that our videos will come out in HD.

    Youtube is a wonderful place for people to find you and what you do. It is searched just like Google. We have to be mindful of that and create good headlines, give great content that others will need … a.k.a. Knowing your audience!

    With some practice and viewing analytics, one can be very successful using Youtube.

    – Donna

    1. AtulHost Avatar

      I am glad to know that you have came over to my blog and many thanks for your valuable feedback.

  2. Ryan Biddulph Avatar
    Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Atul,

    You need to have that passion. Love that note because it is the difference maker. No way around it; when you are passionate, you stand out on YouTube or on any platform – Facebook Live, Periscope, etc – with your energy. I have built a little cool Facebook Live broadcast niche by injecting positive, fun-loving energy into my vids. Gotta have it, and ya can’t fake it.

    Excellent post.


    1. AtulHost Avatar

      Absolutely right Ryan, and thanks for your feedback.

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