What a Successful Blog Needs in 2019

Has blogging changed much in 2019? Well YES but NO is the real answer.

Somethings have indeed stayed the same. The old but gold techniques of great themes and overall blog design are still key to keeping people on your website.

Other things that have stayed the same are the need to incorporate banner ads so you have some kind of basic income that accumulates from legitimate viewers and clicks. However, in 2019, there have been a few notable changes, a drastic change is required to the overall approach to a blog.


Now you’re dealing with Google’s latest changes to the search results rankings whereby, a website that is mobile friendly will rank higher.

Other things like content variation have definitely made blogging much more exciting but also challenging. Getting organic visitors is another thing that has over the months changed a little but not wholly recognizable due to major fluctuations in web traffics. Here are some things you can do to fit old with the new and energize your blog into the new era.

Invest in Your SEO

As mentioned, SEO techniques have a huge impact on your search results performance. Using an SEO service can really boost your overall outlook (make sure everyone follows the white hat techniques only) and continually bring in new readers. However, it also depends on what kind of blog you have, or rather what kind of platform you’re on.

Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress all have their own methods and strategies when it comes to SEO. Finding the right WordPress SEO services can be difficult but a company that offers you a comprehensive audit to see what is working and what isn’t as well as what you’re doing right and what you haven’t done correctly is definitely worth your attention.

The company will also give you an honest SEO service so rather than cut corners, they seek to optimize instead. Manipulation is a short term tactic that many companies use, but it’s better for your long term outlook to adapt and cover all bases.

Get a Video Camera

Google loves varied content for its users. Therefore just sticking to a traditional written blog post style is not going to bring your website to new levels of popularity.

Readers are just a hare’s breath away from being viewers, so buy yourself a good quality video camera. Better opt for a DSLR or you can use your mobile with tripods.

Recording videos that offer visuals to your blog posts will elevate your content. Now your fans have a face to a name, and they feel like they connect with you more.

Before you might have been just a faceless person to them, but when you are making a review of some kind of trust is a big issue.

Getting comfortable in front of the camera is never easy but once you get used to filming short videos then you can make longer and more detailed shots.

Don’t skimp out on your writing however as a blog must remain in the classic diary format and be something your fans can read.

This current year is very interesting for blogs. Some old things are alive and well but changes to SEO in Google’s algorithm are really taking a sharp left turn.

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