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How much RAM do you need? Briefly explained


Random Access Memory, in short RAM, is a volatile memory that is responsible for managing a computer’s short-term data and stores most-used files in RAM so that next time it can be served quickly. We can see that most modern devices are coming with RAM from 2 to 32 GB range and some machines are […]

The benefits of commercial solar lighting

Solar energy

As many companies begin to expand and develop, it’s now becoming more critical to find ways to compete in their niche and stay eco-friendly at the same time. The marketplace is changing now more than ever, and the commercial costs of electricity are becoming higher as time goes by. The electrical bills of a business […]

How to install Nginx on Fedora?

Image of NGINX, a web server.

Nginx is an open-source web server (free HTTP Server software), in addition to its HTTP Server capabilities, it can also function as a Proxy Server for email (IMAP, POP3, and SMTP) and a Reverse Proxy and Load Balancer for HTTP, TCP, and UDP Servers. As of today, Nginx has been used by far more than […]

How will the Metaverse impact manufacturing?


In the manufacturing industry, modern technology and automation are always top priorities. The sector is heavily affected by shifts and evolutions in technology. The metaverse, while it may sound ultra-high-tech will be no exception as far as its impact. What is the Metaverse? The metaverse is the future of the internet, at least to hear […]

How to search files by extension in Linux?


Want to search files using a file extensions like: *.css, *.js, *.php, *.txt, or *.zip etc. in Linux. Use the following command. sudo find /home/user/Documents -type f -name “*.css” Let’s understand the above command. sudo enables administrative access. find is a find, query, or search instruction. /home/user/Documents is working directory or a directory where you […]

Why is unused RAM wasted RAM?


Random Access Memory in short RAM is a system memory typically used to store working data and machine codes in a volatile way. In the computing world, sufficient RAM makes sure the workflow is operating smoothly. If the system has less RAM size compared to what workflow needs then things will suffer from a huge […]

How to clean the Linux system?


No matter what Linux system or distribution you use, over time it is going to fill with lots of files like unnecessary caches, dependencies, and temporary files. It may happen often if you have a habit of trying out new or alternative applications every day. You’ll be surprised to know that major Linux users do […]

Optimizing NGINX for high-traffic websites


Nginx is the most famous and widely used web server application for websites today. For static websites, Nginx is no less than a boon, while for dynamic websites it serves the need of a most efficient and lightweight webserver. The default Nginx configuration is enough to take moderate web traffic battle, but you can optimize […]

How to change default oEmbed width-height size in WordPress?

oEmbed is a feature that allows a simple URL to be shown as a beautiful embedded item. This can help in many ways to bloggers and website owners as users click more on such embeds more than a link. In WordPress, this feature is available with similar WP blogs and multiple 3rd party services that […]

Amazon music is streaming from another device… but it isn’t!


Most of us use Alexa at home to entertain ourselves and most commonly to listen to songs. But sometimes Alexa gets confused when we say to play some music and she responds… Amazon music is streaming from another device. Would you like to stream from this device? It doesn’t work after this no matter whether […]