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Do you need a CDN with cloud hosting?


With the popularization of streaming solutions and the development of the iGaming industry, the issue of delivering heavy content has become especially acute. How do make sure that online broadcasts for numerous viewers are not interrupted? How do optimize the work of online stores working for consumers in different countries so that their content is […]

Carbon calculation: All that you need to know

Carbon emission

Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing the planet today. The rapidly rising temperatures are causing changes in weather patterns, increasing the intensity of extreme weather events, damaging habitats, and increasing droughts. These are only a few of the long list of challenges, and the bigger issue is that it is impacting the […]

The rising demand for wavelength services

Network switch

Internet speeds have progressively become faster with time. In the initial days of the internet, achieving a speed of 1MBPS was considered a huge deal. Today even wireless internet services can give that kind of speed or much better speeds regularly. At the same time, the amount of data we transact over the internet has […]

Does JioFi support carrier aggregation?

JioFi is considered the best device for the Jio network but it does not have or support the feature of carrier aggregation. JioFi connects to a single band at a time with no aggregation.

Should you go for a 4G or 5G device? Differences explained


We’re in the middle of a transition period, right now with mobile wireless connectivity. For some years 4G has been the standard for mobile phones and wireless systems, but there’s a new “generation” that is rapidly rolling out: 5G. Currently, 5G is only available in major centers, but this was the case as 4G started […]

Top 10 best laptop brands of 2022 by reliability

Best Laptop Brands

Thinking of buying a laptop from the best brands, then you are on the right page. We’ve reviewed over a dozen of the best laptop brands, let’s see which one has easy after-sales service, features, and value.

How to select the correct energy plan for your home?

Electricity distribution

Every individual wants to save costs on their total utility bill. They can do this in many ways. Though it is a highly complex process, you can say that why not choose the lowest price? You can do this, but here you can miss the contract’s fine print and end up paying more in the […]

Benefits of automated UI testing


While it’s important that developers find the right balance between manual testing and automated testing, due to every project being unique and requiring various elements to be evaluated, there are numerous advantages of automated UI testing.

List of data centers in India

Data centers

India is a massively growing economy, every day dozens of startups are being formed; every growing economy needs computer servers to ease and scale its business operations. That’s the main reason why the data centers are in demand too. The Government of India made a guideline to keep local data stored in Indian data centers […]

Website design step-by-step guide + Time & Price


You can talk endlessly about website design because no matter how much you delve into this topic, there are always new questions: is it better to create a typical website design not to spend a lot of money and time or to risk investing in a custom website design? How to create the best website […]