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Consider UPS battery price and 3 other crucial elements to make the best purchase

The performance of a home inverter or UPS depends a lot on the inverter battery, and therefore, it is important to pay attention to the important factors that help determine which is the best battery for any inverter. If you too are planning to buy a new inverter or want to replace your old battery […]

Alkaline vs. Lithium batteries

Buying A/AA/AAA batteries for your small devices and gadgets. You’ll find various brands with Alkaline and Lithium batteries. Which one to buy? Is there any different Alkaline and Lithium? Will my gadget support both? In this article, I’ll share the difference and try to answer some basic doubts comes in mind. Features Alkaline batteries Lithium […]

Is it safe to enable 4x MSAA?

In Android mobiles under developer options you may have seen an option to enable and disable 4x MSAA, what is that? Will it improve anything? Is it safe to enable it, or should I keep it disabled? What is MSAA? Multi Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) is a type of spatial anti-aliasing, a technique used in computer […]

What is Android TV, and how does it work?

Android TV

People are using smart television to stream their favorite shows and movies, be it Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Hulu, or other platforms. There are a plethora of streaming services on the market today. But why not have them all in one place? Android TV allows you to compliment the movie library with your favorite […]

How do PHP developers give life to a website?

PHP developers

In today’s technological world, businesses have access to a large number of programming languages to construct websites and apps, including Python, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Node, C#, C, and C++, PHP, etc. However, most businesses prefer to hire PHP developers for web development, as it’s an open-source and flexible coding language. Furthermore, PHP is comparatively very […]

AirPods battery dying? Try this trick to extend the backup time


If you belong to Apple family then probably you would be using AirPods to get rid of wire tangles. AirPods are a way more convenient way to listen to music, podcasts, talk on the phone hands-free. But battery technology is still in its low format, such a small device cannot run for a long time […]

What is OSD timeout?

OSD (On Screen Display)

On Screen Display (OSD) is a virtual layer of options that allows us to customize the screening device like Monitors. An OSD menu or option will always appear on top of the screen no matter what is being viewed on the screen. We have tried and tested the OSD menu on TV, Monitors, and Projectors […]

9 future drone applications that have industry leaders excited


To many people, drones seem like little more than glorified remote control vehicles. Yes, they’re great for taking amazing vacation shots, but not much else. However, this view of drones is a little short-sighted. It turns out that the market is growing all the time and some rather clever innovators are coming up with multiple […]

Is HDD still relevant?


Flash storage may be taking up the spotlight, but HDDs haven’t lost the fight yet. Being a reliable storage option, hard disk is a leading data backup choice and helpful component of cloud-based disaster recovery. Is HDD still relevant, considering the next few years? HDD (Hard Disk Drive) which is many decade old technology is […]

Do batteries last longer in Series or Parallel?

150 Ah Solar Battery

Although, batteries connected in Series versus Parallel will offer roughly the same amount of runtime. It often noticed that series connections provide a higher voltage, which is slightly more efficient for home uses. This simply means that batteries wired in series can last marginally longer than batteries wired in parallel. But a parallel connected battery […]