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Optimizing NGINX for high-traffic websites


Nginx is the most famous and widely used web server application for websites today. For static websites, Nginx is no less than a boon, while for dynamic websites it serves the need of a most efficient and lightweight webserver. The default Nginx configuration is enough to take moderate web traffic battle, but you can optimize […]

Best content marketing tips for business owners

Content marketing

As we are going forward in decades, traditional marketing strategies are getting of minor importance, and day by day, business owners enthusiastically follow the trendy plans in the market. And as it is evident, digital marketing talks in the online world. It rarely happens that you find individuals that haven’t heard about content marketing at […]

A quick guide to the different types of help desk software

Employees working in front of computers

Help desk software is a platform that comes with a set of tools used to collect, organize, report, and respond to customer interactions. You’ll find modern help desk solutions in practically every industry and in every support channel, including chat, phone, email, and social media apps. Choosing the right help desk software, whether it’s hosted, […]

Best business ideas that let you work from home

Home-based business

Who would have thought that work from home will become the bread and butter of many families these days? The pandemic has affected almost all businesses globally, and the only way to survive is to adapt to the new normal. People are getting more interested in putting up their own business at home. If you […]

How DNA testing can help employers and employees find a history of illness?


Science has given us many tools that can help us understand our health, but we have to be careful in how we use them. In this post, we will discuss one of the most popular tests in use today: DNA testing. You can find medical information out by taking a simple DNA test – and […]

Best WordPress Plugins for business websites

WordPress Plugin

WordPress is one of the most preferred (42%), user-friendly, flexible, and accessible content management systems available (CMS). You can use it to run a blog, an enterprise website, or even an online magazine. It offers you the option to expand the CMS solution in endless ways, opening a range of possibilities to customize the design. […]

How to create a Limited Liability Company?


Nearly everyone’s familiar with the numerous benefits of starting a business. For instance, it allows you to become your own boss, control your schedule, and generate your desired wealth in order to gain financial freedom. However, to make all that possible, you must ensure you’re selecting the right business structure. One option you can look […]

Can you earn money selling logos online?

Opera logo

Introduction. If you’re a creative individual, creating logos may be one way to make money. With so many internet and physical companies and startups on the market, there’s always a demand for logos. This has prompted an increase in the logo competition. Logos may also be quick to develop, especially if you’re using a program […]

What is audio translation and why do I need it?


Audio files and videos are rapidly taking over the world. Think of workplaces, where you might have video presentations for vital training sessions, or instructions might be given as audio files. This is becoming increasingly common as people move more towards elearning. This is not the only instance where people rely on audio files. Imagine […]

How to start a pressure washing business?

Driveway pressure washing.

With the demand on the rise for such services, the pressure washing industry is growing rapidly. Read our blog for tips on how to start one and make decent profits.