Protecting your online identity with dark web monitoring

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After data breaches, you might hear that your personal information has been listed for sale on the dark web. Fortunately, some services can help prevent this by monitoring the dark web. They use bots and human intelligence to scan open and closed hacker forums for stolen passwords, account numbers, usernames, etc.

Dark web

Social security numbers.

When cybercriminals steal your social security number, they can use it to file fraudulent tax returns or apply for employment and obtain credit cards in your name.

They can also use it to access your bank accounts and healthcare records and steal your money or personal information. Read this article to secure them.

The internet has opened a world of opportunities but spawned an ominous realm where cybercriminals thrive: the dark web. Traditional search engines don’t index this hidden part of the internet and require special software.

SSNs are valuable for criminals because they can sell them for a small fee on the dark web, where they’re often offered in packages with other leaked data such as medical records or complete personal profiles. These data sets can be sold to companies that use them to commit identity theft and fraud.

Your SSN can end up on the dark web in several ways: a hacker could install malware on your device to steal it directly, or it might be leaked in a data breach by a company you entrusted with your personal information. A reputable dark web monitoring service can check for your SSN and other sensitive information, warning you when it’s leaked or found on the dark web.

Credit cards.

When protecting your personal information, the first thing you need to do is ensure that your identity isn’t already compromised. This is why reputable companies that offer dark web monitoring can help. This service automatically searches for your identifying information on the dark web and notifies you if it turns up.

This means you get notified when a data breach occurs, and your information is exposed. This allows you to take action immediately, such as changing your passwords and adding multi-factor authentication to prevent hackers from accessing your account and using it to steal money or your identity.

Having your information stolen is bad enough, but knowing that cybercriminals are selling it on the dark web can make you feel even more vulnerable. This is especially true if you are told that your passport number, bank account numbers, and credit cards were sold.

It would be nearly impossible for you to monitor the dark websites, forums, and chat rooms where this type of stolen data is bought and sold. However, a dark web scanning tool can do the work for you. It scans the surface and dark web, identifies threat actors and their tactics, and delivers actionable intelligence in an easy-to-understand format. It also facilitates takedowns, allowing security teams to focus on the most common threats.

Bank accounts.

Cybercriminals love this type of personal data regarding bank accounts, credit card information, and even medical records. This is because it allows them to steal money, fraudulently obtain health care services and do more illegal activities in your name. That is why ensuring your personal information doesn’t end up on the dark web is essential.

Many people don’t realize their information has been leaked until their bank or online retailer notifies them that they were part of a data breach. This is when they start to take precautions like changing their passwords, monitoring their credit reports, and possibly freezing their credit. But this can be too late, as the stolen data is already for sale on the dark web.

An excellent digital security solution can scan the dark web for personal information, credentials, and more to prevent it from being sold. It can also alert you when your information is discovered on the dark web so that you can stop criminals in their tracks. This is a big step in protecting your identity and can help avoid fraud, account takeover, etc. That is why having an all-in-one digital security solution is essential.

Phone numbers.

As a result of data breaches, cybercriminals can steal personal information from your credit card, bank account, and other sources and put it up for sale on the dark and deep web. This allows them to open accounts in your name, steal money, and more.

Dark web monitoring tools can help you find this stolen data and take action to mitigate the damage before it happens.

These tools use advanced software to search the dark web and other illicit online markets for sensitive information, including PII like your name, phone number, and Social Security Number. Once found, they’ll alert you to the threat and suggest ways to protect your identity from fraud or theft.

Whether you’re an individual concerned about identity theft or a business protecting customer data, these tools can save your organization time and money. They also strengthen incident response capabilities by providing valuable insight into attackers and criminal organizations.

However, it’s important to note that dark web monitoring services and other cybersecurity solutions can’t stop every data leak or prevent hacks from happening.

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