8 Critical Questions You Should Ask Yourself as a Blogger

It happens for everyone to find struggles on the path of success and for bloggers who are running their blogs successfully, it is so true indeed. However, out of all the wrong doers, the one who can find his mistake and rectify it the quickest and be termed as a successful blogger.


For every bloggers motivation is important and indeed it is something which can make a man throw away a career or to build a career entirely.

The key secrets behind successful blogging is the dedication and the passion towards it. If you are planning to start a blog on a particular niche in which you are not passionate enough then it is the time to leave blogging before you start facing loss.

However to be a part of successful blogging you need to think of 8 Critical Questions which You Should Ask Yourself as a Blogger.

#01. Are You Enjoying Blogging?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is of genuine blogging. A lot of people find blogging to be the easiest source of making money. But it is not at all the same when you are not prepared for it or not passionate about writing? You must understand the difference between you can write and writing is your passion.

#02. Do You Know Your Audience?

The next big thing that you need to consider with is the audience you are going for. You should always have a specific target set to reach by the help of which you can know where to share your blog and who are the people to read it. Once you are clear with this you can now estimate the profit out of your blog.

#03. Are You Building a Community?

The importance of having a high and strong community is also going to set your blog without any interruption. As a matter of fact, having a strong community can turn out to be a favour for your blog and what you have to do is just share it on the community. So always be certain to have a community.

#04. Are You Solving Your Reader’s Problems?

One of the key things that you need to keep in mind is to solve out the problems which have been spotted out in order to get the best comments and feedbacks. If you are blogging something then it may not be perfect at the first time but you need to keep the changes once you are done with the publishing.

#05. Are You Instilling the Urge for Community Response?

Just as mentioned above, community is a huge thing to consider when it comes for posting ad blogging online. You always have to think about the views and the perspectives of the communities and how the people all respond about your blogs.

#06. Are You a “Thinker” and “Planner” Instead of a “Doer”?

There are many people in the planet who can think that they can achieve their dreams of their capabilities. But when it comes to the reality planning and plotting are the two major keys one needs to come up with. If you are a blogger and wish to be successful then you need to first think and then plan before starting off.

#07. Are You Blogging with a Backup Plan?

It is a true saying that life does not always gives a second chance but to be one in a million you always need to come up with your second chance by creating it. What you have to do is prepare a backup plan for your blog always before you consider it to be all.

#08. Are You Striving to Over Deliver on Each One of Your Posts?

The straight point is that when you need to be successful you need to give your best. When it comes to the point of blogging or writing a small post, you need to give your best always. Let the time taken to post be more but always giving your best shot will give you positive outputs much more than what you expect.

Blogging shouldn’t be done just focusing money goal as there are over 90% newbie bloggers fails to do blogging as serious business. So let’s clarify your aim and stick to your plan.

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