What are the benefits of marketing?

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In our modern society, it is more important than ever that businesses have a means of promoting themselves and marketing their products. Having the ability to advertise one’s product allows businesses to grow and expand and can be the deciding factor between creating a global conglomerate and becoming professionally stagnated.

Realizing the opportunity that can come with self-promulgation, entrepreneurs have decided to benefit from it by engaging in a strategy known as internet marketing.

Internet marketing can be described as promotional strategies and tactics that you use online to reach your business’ target market. Due to the Internet’s unstoppable rising popularity and ability to allow users for almost instantaneous communication, it has become a necessary component for building a business’ reputation which we often suggest on atulhost. The diverse utility of online marketing has changed the foundation of trade and communication between producers and consumers.


One example of this diverse utility is the influence that these online marketing tactics can have on a nation’s economy. Having such a widespread reputation along with the ability to reach a large audience necessitates production and creates revenue. This extra revenue, which is being produced at an accelerated rate due to the increasing number of online entrepreneurs, helps to stimulate the economy and creates extra employment opportunities for willing individuals.


By doing this, all the businesses and startups, and young entrepreneurs become directly responsible for contributing to the circulation of currency and become an inciting factor for the diversification of labor. By having these extra factors impact an economy, it will see a sharp rise in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and will raise the standard of living for all of those involved in the process.

As you can see, online marketing plays an important role in helping to stabilize and improve an economy. But even more impressive is the impact that online marketing can have in a social manner.

One example of this social impact is the more intimate and interconnected relationship that suppliers and demanders have been able to establish as a result of internet marketing. It allows suppliers to develop their own online presence and conduct research on the needs and preferences of a target audience.

As a result, entrepreneurs will be able to interact with potential customers and formulate an idea or product that they desire to sell.

As you can see, having a well- thought out online marketing strategy can be a great way to promote and establish a business idea. This idea can be as rudimentary as a dog walking service, such as Rover.com, or a complex multi-sport business model, such as Nike.com. Despite the immense benefits that can come with participating in online marketing, the thought processes and wide variety of strategies can be just as awe-inspiring and creative.

Numerous marketing strategies.

Among the variety of techniques, most entrepreneurs adhere to a very common set of marketing strategies due to their efficacy and proven results in gaining customers and promoting products.

In the world of online marketing, these strategies are commonly referred to as “The Big Five” by a multitude of marketing professionals.

These strategies include website creation, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), social media, email marketing, and banner advertising.

The Website allows a company to develop its identity and establish a foundation of operations for which it will develop its target audience. This can be the catalyst that enables a business to rise above its competition.


Search engine marketing makes it easier to discovers businesses naturally through all the search engines through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), pay-per-click ads, and listings in numerous niche website directories.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Emails allow for instant communication with potentially millions of customers all at the click of a button. You can entice people to give you their emails through a quality free offer, called a lead magnet.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Once you have the email, you can send a newsletter, special offers, and other information your target market would be interested in.

Banner Advertising enables a company to become more ubiquitous in its attempt to gain popularity by buying ad space on other websites.

And, last but not least, Social Media, while still a relatively new concept, has revolutionized social inter-connectedness and can single-handedly supply many of the benefits that the other 4 marketing techniques also provide.

Social Media

There are many other kinds of online marketing techniques, which include banner and article marketing, but statistics have shown that they are much less effective at reaching a target audience than “The Big Five”.

These marketing techniques are not only seen as the most efficient but are also inexpensive, which allows for the high promotion-to-cost ratio that most entrepreneurs desperately search for when conducting research on different strategies. While these techniques have revolutionized the way that entrepreneurs interact with their customers, they are merely the consequences of ordinary people trying to achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

Room to enhance the efficiency of your marketing budget and skills.

While having a system of effective marketing techniques may allow a business to grow exponentially, it is important to track the costs and results of these marketing techniques in order to ensure success.

While employing cost effective or even free services such as social media or web-hosting may seem like the most viable option, their effect can quickly wear off after the business reaches a certain ‘marketing saturation point’.

At this point it may be necessary to diversify and search for options that will require more time and effort than simply creating a Facebook page. The most common next step is to create a domain name for your website or, if you have extra money lying around, investing in content marketing. Creating a domain name is very easy and cost efficient, costing about $100 on average, while content marketing can become time consuming which results in most entrepreneurs relegating their work to writers or buying private label rights.

After ensuring that the content is being properly promoted and financed, it is up to the entrepreneur to begin the process of measuring the results of their promotional services. The worst sin that an budding new entrepreneur can commit is to spend valuable time and resources on promotional strategies that are not producing any results. This can be easily resolved by employing analytical services to measure productivity.


Many sites, such as Google Analytics and social media analytics, can calculate and track productivity for free and are becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs who are looking for a cost- efficient way to measure their promotional successes. If an entrepreneur decides to promote themselves through email marketing, they may also use their email list to provide them with information on the number of opens and clicks to their emails.

As you can see, creating a successful business is much more than having a product and a means of creating it. It is also about having the resources necessary to promote the product and ensuring the people become aware of the impact that it can have on their everyday lives.

Factors such as this allow the buying process to be much easier and guarantee that the best products will be conveyed around the world.

Internet is always there for scale.

Until now, struggling entrepreneurs had to rely solely on the surrounding public to support their enterprises, but the creation of the internet provides them with an opportunity to accomplish their goals through exponential growth.

However, in today’s society, most consumers search for business resources, get referrals, and seek reviews online before buying or hiring a business, which has encouraged the multitude of business owners to obtain an online presence.

Marketing techniques began as consequences of aspiring individuals and since then have become the essential formats that entrepreneurs could use in order to accomplish their objectives. They are the catalyst through which businesses may fashion the edifice in which their legacy will be built upon.

In this way, these calculated strategies are just variegated enough to fully embody the true American Dream.

That inveterate underachievers could fulfill their lifelong goals through hard work and a systematic approach to bettering themselves. This, I believe is the main focus of these marketing techniques and, while most likely an unintended consequences, they have grown and developed into a global phenomena that supersedes any expectations that their creators would have had.


In conclusion, these marketing techniques are worth much more than the individual algorithms that constitute them. They are directly responsible for inspiring confidence and incentivizing hard work, both of which stimulate the work force and enable society to be propelled to an even higher level of success.

The full magnitude of their impact is so individually subjective that it could never fully be measured in symbols and numbers, but that does not mean that it does not have life-altering effects.

They allow struggling entrepreneurs to obtain confidence in themselves and believe that they have the power to determine their fates.

They showed these entrepreneurs, for the first time, that they weren’t simply coins tossed into the air, their outcomes merely a result of their extrinsic circumstances. Instead, their impact has, in fact, showed us that we are that hand that makes the toss. We control the variables, we set the terms and conditions, and, in the end, we designate the outcomes.

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