WiFi Router

Does JioFi support carrier aggregation?

JioFi is considered the best device for the Jio network but it does not have or support the feature of carrier aggregation. JioFi connects to a single band at a time with no aggregation.

6 useful ways to reuse an old router


If you have an old router, then you can use it for different purposes. You should reuse these things instead of throwing it somewhere because electronic waste is one of the most common toxic wastes, including mercury, which is very poisonous for human health, causing liver or brain damage. When e-waste is mixed inland or […]

Is a JioFi router faster than Jio SIM used in a mobile as hotspot?

Lockdown caused us to work from home. Even many companies sent their employees to their home, town and assisted to work from there if decent internet connectivity is there. Thanks to Indian telecom who handled the connectivity all over India, telcos like Jio which is affordable and available everywhere. I was bombarded with over a […]

Using Raspberry Pi for small business

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi device is renowned as the best-selling British computer, with global sales peaking at 19 million in 2018 (they’ve since gone on to break the 30 million barriers too). Despite this, not everyone is familiar with the Raspberry Pi computer, which has also become an increasingly fundamental part of education in the UK […]

Best wireless routers

Best Wireless Routers

A steady internet connection is no longer a luxury, nearly every house, apartment, and office has a wireless router. A wireless router is a medium that equally distributes the web connection over a network of gadgets and electronic devices – a perfect solution for tech geeks and gadget lovers who cannot do without their mobiles and […]