Does JioFi support carrier aggregation?

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JioFi is considered the best mobile WiFi device for the Jio network, but it does not have or support the feature of carrier aggregation like most smartphone supports it.

JioFi connects to a single band at a time, with no aggregation.


So, is it good or bad for a mobile router?

First, understand why carrier aggregation is so useful.

Carrier aggregation in a network device helps to offer more bandwidth and faster data speeds by combining different network bands and dedicating it to a single user.

In the real-world scenario, the same thing cannot be achieved all the time but rarely. It works great when you are moving constantly or roaming around a congested network area. This feature helps in getting usable speed when all the bands are slow.

But when you are staying at one place and network device is placed at a fixed location, there is no need of carrier aggregation, instead place it at high-stable network zone.

Since JioFi is used as a mobile router which is known as a stable mobile network, this feature isn’t useful at all, the main reason is unstable connectivity due to frequent connection and disconnection, that will cause only interruptions.

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