Is a JioFi router faster than Jio SIM used in a mobile as hotspot?

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Lockdown caused us to work from home. Even many companies sent their employees to their home, town and assisted to work from there if decent internet connectivity is there. Thanks to Indian telecom who handled the connectivity all over India, telcos like Jio which is affordable and available everywhere. I was bombarded with over a dozen of non-techie friends about the use of a JioFi router vs using Jio SIM in a mobile as hotspot.

SIM Card

Even the JioFi router uses the same Jio SIM for internet access. So the coverage will be almost the same, while JioFi has advantages over Jio SIM used as mobile hotspot. But before that, read the below advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of JioFi router.

  • JioFi has a bigger 4G antenna compared to what we get in our mobile device (specifically budget ones), which means there will be marginally better and stable signal coverage compared to mobile.
  • JioFi is a kind of dedicated device for the internet, means 100% internet availability and no sharing for other things like mobile.
  • You can place JioFi anywhere you get better signals.

Disadvantages of JioFi router.

  • The Carrier Aggregation (CA) feature is not available in JioFi which we get in high-end mobiles only. But this is not the issue because JioFi is a router, and it is meant for connection stability. CA is not always a better solution.

Advantages of Jio SIM used as a mobile hotspot.

  • To turn on the mobile hotspot, you don’t need any other device and another SIM card. Your mobile is enough.
  • The carrier aggregation feature may be useful (if mobile supports it) for better connectivity and speeds.

Disadvantages of Jio SIM used as a mobile hotspot.

  • The noticeable issue is a faster drain of the battery. Mobile hotspots are a power-hungry feature.
  • A Mobile hotspot is a temporary solution for a mobile router, and it cannot compete with a dedicated mobile router like JioFi. So the connection and coverage will not be stable.

In conclusion, JioFi is not faster, but stable to use as a mobile router.

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