6 useful ways to reuse an old router

If you have an old router, then you can use it for different purposes. You should reuse these things instead of throwing it somewhere because electronic waste is one of the most common toxic wastes, including mercury, which is very poisonous for human health, causing liver or brain damage. When e-waste is mixed inland or soil, it becomes contaminated. So reusing these things is a better option than throwing it away.


Here are some ways to reuse an old router and help mankind.

Reuse #1: Use it as Wi-Fi extender.

Check your old router manually and make sure that the device can be converted into an extender, and you should get some specific instructions. If the router doesn’t support running as an extender, then there is also another way.

Check if the router can use the open-source firmware.

This is an easy method to boost your signal coverage, this will eradicate the need to use a range extender device. You can make a wifi router as repeater mode, which will help you to extend the signal. This will help you to turn on your old router as a range extender and have good connection to the internet without much of hassle.

Reuse #2: Use it into a hub/switch.

You can use it as a hub/switch by running the Ethernet cable. If you don’t LAN ports in your main router, you can turn on the router into a hub/switch. If your router doesn’t have enough Ethernet ports, then the switch is useful.

It is possible if you have many devices plugged in your router. This process is straightforward. Use wire from the available LAN port of your active router to the WAN-in LAN ports on the old router. Then you must turn off the DHCP, and then you should go. This will allow you to use your old router into a 3-port switch.

Reuse #3: Use it as an access point.

It can be used as Access Point mode, which can be turned on by using the interface. Some wifi routers feature an Access Point. First we need to know the use of Access point. Access points are used to extend the network coverage and increase the number of users who can connect to it, and a high-speed Ethernet cable will run from a router to the access point, making it easy for everyone to have access to the internet.

It creates a wireless local area network. A wireless router can provide routing between the users and the internet. This will make it possible for multiple devices to access a big network or internet. This idea is straightforward to create your access point.

Reuse #4: Use it as a web server.

On a network, a server is used to operate the main computer. It depends on your system, which you are using for the server. To convert a router as a server, make sure that your internet connection is active.

The modem should be connected to the router’s internet port, and the server should be connected to the ethernet port. Then one should set up a router for internet connection. Then, it can be followed by setting up the port forwarding on the router for the server applications. The ethernet cable should connect the server to the router for a good connection, and this will enable the application to pass by the ports without any interference.

Reuse #5: Use it as an internet radio streamer.

Many of you want to enjoy your favorite radio channels. Even though other gadgets are of use, radio never goes out of trend. Even if people say they don’t like listening to it. Most of them are lowkey relishing listening to it. It’s cool to have your internet radio streamer. Some routers can be used as an Internet Radio. It is possible if you are ready to install some OS software like OpenWrt or DD-WRT. For this, you also need a tuner, microcontroller, etc.

This will give you perception into the power of custom firmware and even an appreciation of how music is streamed across the internet.

Reuse #6: You can sell it needy one.

Suppose you don’t want to set up the routers to make something. Then you can use it for money. You can sell it on eBay or OLX. So that someone can buy it and reuse these old routers for some purpose, or they can use some parts of it. And of course, No one wants to say no to the easy money earned by selling something of no use to themselves.


You can save yourself a lot of money and also the planet by following these tips. Read more about routers on the routerlogin.mobi blog, and find more ways to reuse your old router for maximum functionality. Because you can always save yourself from extra expenses just by reusing things you think are junk!

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