How to improve employee productivity at work?

When your team is happy and content, their productivity will also increase and indirectly your company will grow significantly. Whether you are new or a veteran in the business, it can be difficult to figure out what you need to do to make your employees happy so that you enhance their productivity to their best.


Well, here are four tips on how you can improve the productivity of your employees:

Get the right tools handy.

A lot of time is wasted when people do not have the right tools to do their job. Thus, when you provide your employees with the right productivity tools, they are bound to perform their duties more efficiently.

You need to get your employees simple software such as the ones that convert word to PDF. Having your staff share files in PDF format ensures that files cannot be altered particularly invoices, results, or contracts that are prone to alteration by malicious people. This way, every employee gets the file as it is which also enhances the flow of information.

You can also get them communication software such as Slack, Fleep, or Chanty that enables your staff to stay connected to one another.

You can also procure time management tools such as Time Doctor to ensure proper time management in the workplace. Additionally, you need to automate certain operations such as payroll and human resource functions so that things run smoothly.

Check out these small business tools that will surely streamline your business operations.

Remodel your workplace.

The source of low productivity in your workplace can be poor lighting and uncomfortable workstations. Poor lighting causes fatigue, stress, headache, accidents, and eye strain.

Such health problems can cause employees to make mistakes and deliver poor quality work. Therefore, you need to ensure that there is ample lighting preferably natural light in your workplaces. In instances where you cannot get natural lighting, you should adopt LED lights in your workplace, or you can hire an expert who will renovate the office.

You also need to get ergonomic desks and chairs for your workers. An ergonomic workstation allows your employees to have better posture, fewer motions, minimal exertion, and improved reaches and heights all of which improve productivity immensely.

It also reduces absenteeism by staff that takes leave and sick days to seek treatment for their repetitive stress injuries.

Lastly, you can get your staff an office kitchen where your employees can hang out during short breaks to catch up and re-energize themselves. Remodeling your workplace to incorporate such provisions will also make your staff happier and more hardworking.

Minimize distractions.

Distractions have the potential to hinder productivity in your workplace immensely.

Research shows that once there are too many interruptions, it takes about 23 minutes to get back on track. Once there is a series of distractions productivity moves to zero.

One of the leading distractions in the workplace is social media.

Therefore, you need to ask your team to shun away from browsing through their social media accounts during work hours. At the same time, you should ask them to have their phones on silent mode during regular office hours.

Although you should not suffocate them with stringent rules and regulations on minimizing distractions otherwise you will lose them. Instead, you should train them on how to handle one task at a time so that they focus and get work done in a timely fashion. Additionally, you should encourage them to isolate themselves when working on tasks that require a lot of concentration. Doing so will help them work undisturbed to improve their productivity.

Delegate responsibilities.

Delegation in the workplace means the transfer of responsibilities from the manager to their juniors. Enhancing the responsibility of your staff is an excellent way to enhance job satisfaction and improve their morale. You need to allocate tasks based on what your employees are good at. Harnessing their experience and leadership skills empowers your employees, reconstructs their trust, and helps with their professional development.

Delegating duties helps your staff avoid multitasking because they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing. This process follows four steps which include identification of tasks, determination of staff who will work the tasks, development of a management plan, and monitoring work done. So, the next time, you want to allocate duties for your employees, you take into account these four steps to enhance productivity.


Productivity is the cornerstone of the success of your business. To ensure that you achieve it, you need to procure the appropriate tools for your staff, renovate your employee’s workstation, reduce distractions at work, and delegate duties.

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