Why being creative isn’t a bad thing?

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Is being creative a bad thing? No, instead, creativity is a gift or a hidden talent that may people enjoy.

Whether young, an old, an employed, travelling the world or just someone taking the daily 4 PM train. It can attach itself to anyone and can even be a way of life for some.

However, it can also be extremely hard for some people to access their creativity and make it work for them. Particularly those who work for a living. Being creative at work is difficult and sometimes even frowned upon!


As such, here are the best reasons to be creative at work and then ways to actually help you be more creative!

It can make work better.

Some people hate work. Whether they have a good job or not, the act of working can be exhausting and bring the mood down as a matter of course. Being creative can help us to process these negative emotions effectively and make each working day slightly less traumatic.

If you have a hard time dealing with work and need a better outlet, then you need to add more creativity into your life. Otherwise, it can easily pile up and get too much for you to handle.

Release the stress and anxiety; don’t let it bubble over into your home life too!

Good for problem solving.

The more creative you are, the better you should be able to tackle a problem. Or at least that is how the theory goes.

A creative approach, then, can be usefully applied to solving any number of work problems. Including practical problems that come up every day and those that are a little more unusual, where you may have to think ‘outside of the box’. Though that term is certainly overused in every sense when it comes to the creative work environment.

Better for focus.

Adding a dash of creativity into your everyday life can actually really good for your focus. Having a creative hobby such as painting, drawing, or anything like that can be extremely relaxing. It can give you a chance to cleanse your mind and free yourself of the disruptive thoughts which tend to pile up during the day.

Expressing creativity is known to help reduce anxiety, help depression and can even curb your stress levels before they even have a chance to rise.

Become better at your job.

Ultimately, creativity in the workplace can actually help you to be better at your job.

How to be more creative at work?

Creativity is important, and so ensuring it becomes a standard part of your everyday work life can be vital. Of course, you can’t exactly set up an easel and paint a portrait whilst in the midst of work. But, there are still ways that you can be more creative on a daily basis, even if you are chained to a desk from 9 to 5.

Here are a few ways to be more creative in a work environment:

Write inspiration down.

If you feel a surge of creativity, it is vital to not let it go. Chase the creative flow, keep it alive! And the best way to do so whilst at work, where you may not have many breaks especially, is to keep a little creative notepad on hand. Make a note of your creative burst and save it for later, that way you don’t miss out and can enjoy a touch of creativity during your daily workflow.

Unplug often.

Constantly being attached to our phones and other devices can be a big problem, especially in this modern world of ‘constant contact’. Turn your phone off for at least an hour a day and relish in some creative peace. It can be amazing for your stress levels!

Stop trying to be perfect.

Chasing perfection is a problem, no matter if you’re creative or not.

Discuss issues.

If you are experiencing problems or issues in the workplace — whether personal or in relation to other staff members — then it’s important to speak up. Even just having the conversation with someone, whether more senior or not, can help you to release whatever pent-up frustration comes out of that.

Look outside of yourself.

Sometimes we can become trapped within ourselves. Our daily issues, worries and other problems can be all too quick to mount up. And our creativity, unfortunately, often becomes buried beneath these issues.

Final thoughts.

At the end of the day, just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you should dismiss being creative.

Creative thinking should be viewed as an essential supplement to, though not a replacement for, critical thinking.

Creativity is a part of being human, and losing it in such a vital part of our life can be an extremely miserable way to live indeed. So, if you have lost your creativity, find it again. If you feel it begin to wane, then reignite it with the strength of a thousand suns. Do whatever you can to make yourself feel better.

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