10 ways to increase your conversion rates

If you have been playing the SEO game for a good long while now or actually know everything there is to know about it; you are sure to be aware that conversion rates are often considered the lifeblood of any online marketing efforts or websites out there.

The better the conversion rates, the better the chances of it being a success.

The poorer it is, ah… you get the point, right?

Increase Conversion Rate

How to boost your conversion rates: The problem (and the solution).

While it’s true that a great marketing campaign can definitely send your conversion rates through the roof, they are often costly and are not really something that’s going to be suitable for the more general masses (read newbies and average joes).

Fortunately, though, there are plenty of other ways to boost your conversion rates (albeit a bit slowly) without having to spend not even a dime from your pocket.

Interested? Read on to find out more about it.

The top ten ways to better increase your conversion rates: Try them out today.

Having a ton of traffic on your sites is never a bad thing, but if that traffic doesn’t convert or doesn’t help you in any way, it’s going to be useless to have at any given volume. Below, you can read ten foolproof ways to help you with getting your traffic to work for you for the better, whether that’s filling out a page, subscribing to your mailing plans, or even making a purchase.

For your pleasure (and ours), here they are.

1) Make the site more attractive.

Looks are pretty much everything, and as far as the internet is concerned, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Having a site that’s pleasing to the eyes can not only help draw more visitors into it but can also prompt them to spend more time it; thus opening up a ton of more chances for a visitor to engage and interact with it.

2) Be precise with what you are pitching.

It’s a known fact that when faced with a large number of choices, people will often tend to falter with making their judgment heard and would mostly prefer skipping out on it altogether.

Prefer to keep things simple, and try not to shower the visitor with too many choices. Always be honest about what you are pitching on the site. And while this may look like a tiny gesture to make, the payoff will undoubtedly be excellent and worth the effort.

3) Use images, videos, and other medias.

The users of today tend to have very low levels of attention spans, and it has been estimated that people only tend to linger on site for about 5 seconds before they start to think about switching to another one for their answers. It’s true that words have always their own set of charms. Make it a point to use media to get your points better across, as they can convey things with more quickness and better impact than just a few paragraphs.

4) Lose the jargon and tone down on the hype.

Most of the consumers of today are too “techy” to fall for the typical hype train that may have worked for them in the past. Therefore, always make it a point to cut down on the hype and instead choose to better focus on what’s at hand and what’s really at the moment. Additionally, it would also help your cause a ton to do away with gibberish and non-needed jargons, as modern consumers are too smart and too brilliant to fall for something that goes along the lines.

5) Optimize the site for mobile users.

Being the source for over 64% of the searches that are happening today, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are definitely going to be the way of the future. Therefore, optimizing your site to befit better the confines of those palm-topped devices are more imperative to your business growth than ever before.

6) Try to keep the visitors excited.

Okay, this may not be the most “sage” advice that I could give you. But as a rule of thumb, make it your mission to keep the user engaged with various offers and whatnots as this can double the chances of them getting engaged with the site (case in point, shopping sites).

7) Avert from using pop-ups to sell your pitches.

As far as the internet is concerned, there is nothing more annoying, more detested and cringe-worthy than a popup ad. You hate them, I hate them, and I am pretty sure that your visitors are going to hate them too. So, please, please refrain from using them. This is more of a request than a piece of advice, and I hope that you will take it as such.

8) Don’t ask too much of your visitors.

I get it; I know that sometimes you are going to have to ask more details from users (like their name, mail addresses, phone numbers, etc…) from your visitors to be of better help to them. However, since this a two way street with interaction in the middle, I suggest that you keep the “asking for” aspect to a bare minimum as it would lead you to be looking too overbearing or needy otherwise.

9) Offer a clean and minimalistic interface to deal with.

What do you think a visitor will prefer more? A cluttered interface that is riddled with menus, or an interface that is sleek minimal, and only carries the most needed? As a rule of thumb, build your sites by emulating the material design of Google because that, in my opinion, is one of the best and most efficient ways to spruce up a website without being too much of a hassle.

10) Try to build trust by offering security.

Since Google themselves have started flagging sites that aren’t secure or don’t carry the necessary certificates, it’s definitely going to be a wise move to put around an excellent digital fence for your sites. Not only can this protect your site from a ton of different online threats like phishing and hacking, but it can also help a load with building the trust for your website among the general users.


Let’s say that you are all done creating the website of your dreams, and after spending a ton of time and money on it, you have finally started getting some good traffic flow into it. But, is that enough? Can it alone guarantee you the success that you had wanted?

No, it can’t. And, if you want to say otherwise, you might need something else, something to convert the traffic flow to viable transactions. Something likes a proper, well-made conversion strategy. Creating a good conversion strategy that can actually work is not really an easy thing to do and, if anything, it’s one of the hardest parts of a website-making by any counts. Fortunately, the ten tricks and tips that I had shared with you above can actually make the whole process a lot more bearable and more accessible to endure – something, which I think a lot of people will appreciate by a ton.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your online game to the next level!

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