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Running an eCommerce website is never an easy deal. Especially, amidst of the grown competitive world, maintaining a good performing website and improving conversion is a big challenge. It is necessary for you to initiate a few essential things on your website that it may stay secure and perform well in the huge competitive business world.

In today’s post let me explain you some of the important things that your website shouldn’t miss to withstand the competition.

Increase the Conversion Rate

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Effective ways to increase the conversion rate.

1. Well-structured website.

Website design structure is the foremost thing that every user expects. When a user is able to easily navigate through the website, then he is likely to make conversions. If that is not possible there is a big chance for the customer to leave your website.

Website structure and appearance is more important. I have already discussed in one of my previous post about the structure and how to make check outs more flexible for your customers. I believe that will help you much better. If you make the checkout process the most convenient one for your customers to make orders more simple then you give them more chance of placing ‘n’ number of orders.

This is how you increase the traffic for your websites and even make conversions more flexible. Concentrating on site structure and design is way more important than any other efforts that you take towards your online business.

2. eCommerce website security.

SECURITY”, the most important factor that every single individual expects from an ecommerce website. It is because ecommerce websites involve sharing of personal and transactional credentials on the website which may become a threat later.

Understanding this need of websites, the HTTPS came into existence which can be obtained by installing SSL Certificate to any website. It has turned out to be the most important security factor for any website and that is why websites hold a HTTPS along with the domain URL.

There are mainly three types of SSL certificates available in market like DV SSL, OV SSL, and EV SSL certificates. DV SSL certificate carries basic domain level verification process and ideal security solution for small businesses.

EV SSL certificate validates your organization authentication through strict verification process, so no one can get it without proving their organizational identity. EV SSL certificate is best option for ecommerce website because it displays company name in the address bar that increase trust of visitors.

EV SSL certificate brings highest level of trust to your website and ensures that your website is legitimate and safe to online transactions.

3. Live chat.

Live chat is the best and productive way to run a successful business. Your customers may require your assistance on making their purchases on your online platform. When they want to seek you for a particular query you should be at a earliest reach.

This is where the live chat option works for good. People can directly chat with your support executive to get their issues resolved.

This is not just helping your customers with what they need; rather this can lead to instant conversions. At most cases, people may be at the neck of ordering a product and they might end up with a query. At such circumstances instant help support could help them with instant check out decisions.

It is always good to support your customers with such instant services which is far better than the toll-free services that you provide.

4. Responsive website.

At recent times, customers are trying to make purchases from where ever they are. People love to make instant shopping and that is now applicable through technical advancements. Companies have started to provide more facilities to their customers that make them more relaxed about their shopping experience.

The same way responsive websites feed your customer’s expectations. They can completely take away your customer’s mind by providing a wonderful experience or even carry them away from proceeding any further.

Try to make your website responsive and compatible on all devices, that your customers could access it from anywhere and anytime. This could precisely take your conversion rate to the next level.

5. Cool discounts.

Customers are discount lovers. Indeed every single person loves to have a discount on their purchase. No matter it is a small keychain or a big home appliance. Discounts play an important role on any business.

You can advertise your famous products with biggest offers and deals comparing your competitors. Sell your leading brands at best offers that your customers may find you interesting and come back again and again for the kind of service and discounts you provide. Discounts are always an interesting factor to trigger your sales funnel and its growth.

6. Clear product images and description.

Images are the show stealers. They easily grab your customer’s attention to make them purchase the product. Presenting them in a effective way is really more important than anything else. Always try to display a 360 degree view of any product that you showcase on the platform.

By this you help your customers to trust you and to make bold decisions about the check out. In case if you are not going to provide a good quality image of the product, then it obvious that you would miss a great deal.

On the other hand, it is very important that you provide a detailed description about the product that you provide to your customers. A detailed description of the product will help them know whether the product would meet their requirements and avoid later regrets.

Both of these qualities would drastically improve trust among your customers and make you a genuine retailer in the online market.


To establish yourself as a trustworthy online retailer in the online market, it is necessary to prove your customers that you have great online platform with you that holds all the above-mentioned benefits and qualities.

If you really satisfy all the above stated things in your online platform then you would definitely win the deal. In case, if you fail one then there is no way to neither recover your business nor grab your user’s attention. So pay more consideration to the points that I have stated above as they add more value even to your existing website.

I hope this information helps and you would definitely obtain a great business on implementing all these strategies. Never miss one for a more interactive and successful business.

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