What is good typing speed per minute?

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In this computers driven work environment having a good typing speed matters a lot. Being able to type fast is essential at every stage and having a good command over keyboard has become a requirement for everyone.


So what is good typing speed considered per minute?

Before we just directly to answer we must know how to calculate WPM (Words Per Minute).

It is simple you have to just count how many words you type in a minute. Sometimes small words or words with one or two characters are not counted or considered as words because they add no value.

What is Good Typing Speed?

Above 40 words per minute is considered as good typing speed. Considering a professional class, about 45 to 60 words per minute considered better in the workplace and this speed is enough to get things done.

However, accuracy matters more than speed. So we must take care of accuracy over speed.

Professional Standards

Over 60 words per minute are best typing speed because here you will look like a coder or a programmer who just hits more than 4 or 5 keys in a second. Some typing centric positions like data entry, medical transcriptionists, paralegals and secretaries often require more than 60-75 words per minute.

How to Improve the Typing Speed?

Being a blogger myself, I do not recommend many things. As I have about 60 WPM typing speed and I just think and write, sometimes I play games and my keyboard’s W, A, S, D keys are about to erase. So just use the keyboard as much as you can and slowly you’ll get used to it.

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