How to type faster?

We’re already living in an age where most jobs are done on computers. Our hand spend more time on just keyboards than we think. Learning how to type fast is a basic skill that almost everyone underestimate. Today typing is the core feature for all the jobs, and industry appreciate fast typers more as it helps an individual to work quickly.


In this article, I’ll share some successfully tested ways to improve our typing speed using various methods.

First, remember the layout of keyboard.

First, take your keyboard and learn the layout, location of all letters and numbers.


I’ll recommend starting this on either a full-sized keyboard or 80% sized TKL keyboard. This way, you’ll be able to learn the complete control of any keyboard. If it is a mechanical one, experience will be much better.

Take some typing tests.

There are many websites that help you to take typing test. Here I have made a small list of some famous sites.

While taking typing tests, focus more on the accuracy. Once you achieve accuracy, then focus on speed.

Try to type without seeing the keyboard.

Now take your typing skills to the next level by typing without seeing the keyboard.

Yes, it looks a little difficult but very much possible in a few attempts.

Here, I’ll recommend finding F and J key lines by both index fingers. You may see a physical line on those keys. Those two keys help our memory to synch the exact location of all nearby keys, so we look less on the keyboards.

The same physical line will be there on the side numbers section too on key 5, if it’s a full-sized keyboard.

Play some video games in free time.

Most of us are right-handed, and typing from the left hand appears difficult. But when you play video games occasionally, you’ll regularly hit keys like W, A, S, D and some nearby keys using left hand.

Playing some video games like GTA, PUBG, and similar AAA titles may improve your key memory and typing speed.

Ultimately, one will definitely make a habit of using the left hand effectively.

Write blogs, documents, emails, and similar stuff.

Finally, you can adopt some general writing behaviors like blogging, documenting, emailing, etc. Since in regular day-to-day life, you are going to do the same. Make a habit of small typing sessions or take tutorials.

I hope the above ways are more than enough to improve your typing speed. Just remember, accuracy is more important than the speed. You should less or not focus on speed when accuracy is going down.

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