What is AltGr key?

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The AltGr (short for Alternate Graphic) is a modifier key found on many computer keyboards, used in other regions than US and type special characters and symbols that are not widely used in the territory where it is sold, such as foreign currency symbols, typographic marks and accented letters. It is typically located to the right of the space bar and functions similarly to the Alt key on the left side of the keyboard.

AltGr key

When used in combination with other keys, such as letters or symbols, it allows users to type special characters like ₹, €, and more, depending on the specific keyboard layout and language settings.

For an example, if I would like type Indian Rupee (₹) symbol then shortcut is AltGr + 4.

  • Press and hold the AltGr key (usually located to the right of the space bar) and press the key that corresponds to the symbol where the ₹ sign is located.
  • If it is not located on your keyboard do not worry, it will still work.

It will only work when you have set the language to English (India) or हिंदी (Hindi). Similarly, based on other language settings, you can type their region specific symbols using AltGr modifier key.

So in end note, using AltGr in combination with another key allows you to access additional characters or symbols that aren’t readily available on the keyboard’s main layout, otherwise it is the same as the other Alt key.

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  1. Gaurav Kumar Avatar

    Hi Atul,

    I have “Alt” key but Gr is not mentioned anywhere. Is it the same key or somewhere else, or not in the keyboard.

    Please reply.


    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Don’t get confused Gaurav, the right side one is AltGr (even if it is written Alt).