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Many people focus their outsourcing on large, complex tasks or those that are outside their technical skills. That’s a good start, but there’s more you can do to free up your time and energy. Indeed, even minimal tasks and to-do list items can keep you from obtaining your career and personal goals.


These are five things busy people can outsource this year.

1. Grocery shopping.

Online grocery shopping is becoming more popular each year. There are numerous sites that can help with outsourcing this task. Amazon, for example, introduced a grocery delivery service — Amazon Fresh — that’s available in some U.S. states.

Some local grocery stores can also help with this time-taking errand. Stores such as Kroger and Stop & Shop, for instance, offer online shopping in certain cities. Depending on the store, you can shop and have your groceries delivered, or swing by the shop to pick them up in person.

2. Putting together furniture.

Some people like putting together furniture, and others find it time consuming and impossible to do between coming home from work, eating dinner, and preparing for the next day. Thankfully, this and similar tasks are easily outsourced.

Check out services such as Zaarly and TaskRabbit. These sites connect you with local freelance labor to help with a range of tasks, including picking up and assembling your furniture.

3. Debt settlement.

Debt settlement is a form of debt repayment you can use to save thousands of dollars. It often requires lots of negotiation, though, which can make it difficult for busy professionals to explore this financial solution. Working with a debt professional can help with settlement, and these experts can also advise you about other solutions, such as consolidation and management plans.

4. Tax filing.

Taxes aren’t just a time sink — they’re a huge source of stress for millions of people every year. If you own a home or have lots of assets, making your filing a bit more complex, there’s a chance that you already work with an accountant or tax professional. But this year, try outsourcing more of your tax-filing responsibilities.

This not only will free up your time, but it will help ensure your taxes are filed correctly. Also, if you’re struggling with tax issues, such as IRS debt, it’s especially wise to work with a tax professional to ensure the best possible outcome.

5. Dry cleaning and laundry.

Laundry is a huge time sink for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. This is another task you can outsource by taking advantage of local services. Look for laundromats and dry cleaners in your area who offer to wash and fold or hang up your clothes for you. This can save you hours a week, and the service isn’t known for being expensive.

For busy professionals, outsourcing is more than a convenience — it’s often the only way you can relax at all when you get home from work. You probably outsource many complex or time-consuming things, but smaller projects are worth outsourcing, too. Try outsourcing the above five tasks to free up more of your time this year.

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