Sales Training Activities for Managers

What are Sales Training Activities?

Sales training activities are basically games which people participate in with a purpose in mind. These training activities are designed to focus on the problems that are normally encountered when working in the sales industry. They are meant to bolster the knowledge of a group by re-enforcing the knowledge and experiences of individuals.

Many people think that selling a product to another person is an easy process. Unfortunately, it can be fraught with difficulties, and the product may never be sold or bought. Selling anything requires thought and planning. Sales training activities are a great idea as they encourage employees to think outside the box, and perhaps be willing to try new techniques to close the deal.

Sales Training Activities

When carried out correctly, a team will interact in a positive manner, and all will learn something. Sales training activities can take many forms although they are better carried out in groups as more information can be shared.

Why Use Sales Training Activities?

These activities are normally (and should always be) carried out in a comfortable atmosphere where staff can relax and be themselves. There are no right or wrong answers, simply better ways of doing things. Employees should never feel under pressure in a sales training session. An enjoyable setting will go a long way to ensuring staff is at ease.

Sales training activities will highlight weaknesses and strengths which may be discussed in the group. Sometimes just seeing another point of view is all that a person needs to bolster their own performance.

Who Should Use Sales Training Activities?

Sales training activities are not only relevant to the sales staff. All employees can benefit from them. The skills learned are transferrable across all work sectors and by all employees. They are in fact, universal skills which will stand people in good stead in whatever role they have.

Activities normally function on ‘open content’ meaning that participants can bring their own experiences and examples to the table.

‘Open content’ sessions apply to every sector, and even in the non-working section of society. Every day people need to sell something to another person and learning the best way to do this makes for more successful deals being closed.

The Benefits of Sales Training Activities

In the workplace, the benefits of sales training activities include improved communication between all staff as well as managers.

Priority setting and goal achievement are easier when the staff has worked through scenarios pertaining to them.

Training activities build better teams, self-confidence, and positive environments.

Different Types of Sales Training Activities

There are many different types of sales training activities. Ideally, you should focus on three, before moving on to another type.

Group Discussions: this gives everyone in the group an opportunity to voice their opinion. Subjects to discuss could range from ‘my worst appointment’ to ‘my greatest sale’. Each person has less than a minute to talk about the subject and at the end, there is an open discussion.

Role Play: this works using two people, one the seller and the other the buyer. Various situations can be covered, the buyer gets to decide these.

Personal Introduction Test: divided into pairs, one person needs to introduce his partner to the group. They normally will have only one minute to find out any relevant information about their partner. This is excellent for honing the skill of retaining facts.

Sales training activity times should not be rushed or interrupted by phone calls if possible. While there are many programs available.

Any time which is spent in further training, particularly sales staff, will be rewarded by a better team, with deeper insight into selling techniques, meaning a better profit for the business.

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