Qualities to look while hiring a competent virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is regarded as a valuable possession for all businesses but exclusively for small scale businesses where resources are in demand and access to finances are confined.

The owners of small business need to manage their time efficiently so that they can focus on other activities to develop and grow their business.

Competent Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistants play a vital role in providing valuable time for business owners by managing certain significant tasks and other core functions.

Outsourcing certain tasks to be completed to the virtual assistants has become a successful strategy as it streamlines the costs without negotiating revenue generation.

You can easily hire a Virtual Assistant for your businesses by getting recommendations from associates, friends or by checking the internet.

No matter, how you have hired the candidate, it is important to check certain qualities of the application before hiring them.

Timely delivery

This is the most important thing that one should look for in the virtual assistant. It is true that a late delivery is similar to no delivery. So, it is crucial to check the track record of your virtual assistant to find whether he is capable of delivering the projects on time in the previous assignments.

You can also insist them to provide you with a valuable yet reliable reference. On time delivery is important as every work you assign to him has a great influence on other tasks.

Getting delayed in one can lead to delay in all other assignments.


Reliability involves consistency and precision based on the tasks handed over to the virtual assistant. As the employee is not physically present, he is someone who is left alone to work with minimum or no supervision.

Despite this, the virtual assistant should be capable of generating the desired results. One can prove their reliability by meeting their deadlines and showing up online punctually. In addition, the output produced by the virtual assistant should be also of very high quality.

To hire a reliable candidate for your business, you should spend some time to read their testimonials and find out what their previous employers had told about them. The best way to ensure reliability is to hire virtual assistants from a reputed agency that carefully selects virtual assistants for businesses.


Before hiring a virtual assistant for your business, it is important to determine the competency level of the candidates in the basic and technical matters.

The fundamentals include ability to use internet, proficiency in software, emailing and communication skill. When it comes to technical, it represents the scope of the work directly. If you are looking for virtual assistant who is capable of managing social media, you must evaluate the candidate with the necessary expertise for social media management.

Even though it is not necessary to hire the best candidate who has lots of knowledge in social media, you must choose the one who has at least minimum level of competence in that area.


Any virtual assistant who is ready to take the onus of mistakes committed and fix them precisely is definitely a valuable asset to a business. It is common that mistakes occur in any job but it is important for the candidate to admit the fault, face consequences and take necessary steps to correct them.

The candidate admitting his mistakes is the first step to solve the problem. Those aspirants who are ready to face the consequences ensure that prospective mistakes can be avoided.

The virtual assistant who can admit the error can detect and identify the root cause of the problem and solve it at a faster pace.


One of the most important aspects that must be overlooked in the effective business management is communication.

Of course, the effective communication is not just confined to the level of proficiency in English to write and speak. You must consider how the candidates convey or relay their message.

The cultural differences are the most important factors that must be kept in mind while hiring virtual assistants, especially from remote locations.

It is also crucial for business owners to ensure that the candidate is accessible through different channels of communication.


Most of the business owners are aware of the fact that attitude is as important as aptitude. Having this in mind, you must look for virtual assistant who has lots of self confidence. This does not meant that how confident he is regarding his skills but about how he is able to present himself to you and customers.

If you hire a candidate who has confidence, he will help your company to have a position image among your clients.


A virtual assistant who is known to be attentive will not be careful in completing the tasks assigned to him or her.

He will carry out the assigned tasks with utmost care and have lots of persistent to get the job done perfectly.

This kind of individual is the type of workers who can work on their own without requiring others to tell them what to do.


Confidence and optimism are the major key factors to become successful.

The online assistant who has positive attitudes not only completes the tasks perfectly but also helps business owners to achieve the goals without any hassle. They have the ability of getting adapted to changes, complain less and are oriented to solution. One of the best things about such kind of virtual assistant is that they even act as a potential motivators for the businesses.

Open mindedness

A virtual assistant who has open mind will not disapprove the ideas of others. This enables them to be more approachable and get stuck to other team members. If the candidate whom you choose is open to new ideas and is vulnerable to changes have higher chances of succeeding in the work place.

The reason is that he can see alternative solutions to certain problems instead of getting fixed with his beliefs and ideas.

This involves that he can get adapted to other situations easily.

If you found almost all the qualities in the virtual assistance then you must be at a right position to run and grow your business successfully.

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