PUBG Mobile’s medal list and meaning

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While finishing every match of PUBG Mobile at the end you’re honored with the one or more Medal/s (Title/s) at the end of the match session, what are they, ever thought?

Here we have listed the meaning of all PUBG Mobile medals.

PUBG Mobile’s Medal List and Meaning

Armour Expert: Possessing level 3 armor, backpack, and vest.

Berserker: Doing damage over 800 with 3+ kills and survival time over 20+ min.

Bling Bling: Unknown (?)

Cannon Fodder: Player regarded merely as material to be expended in the match.

Chicken Master: (Derived from winner-winner chicken-dinner) Getting rank 1 with 5+ kills.

Couch Potato: Dying early in the game with below 50 ratings while your team gets the high rank and all other players get high ratings.

Curator: Having an almost full bag pack throughout the game.

Dead-eye: Kills via accurate shots in long-distance sniping.

Fight Club: Getting 2+ kills via the use of punches.

Finisher: Killing a critically damaged enemy (the initial damage should be inflicted by someone other than your team).

Fly on the Wall: Dying from being outside the safe zone without doing much (0 damage) after you land (generally players who get disconnected get this).

Flying Fish: Falling from a height inside water 2+ times.

Freeloader: Surviving in squad or duo throughout the game with 0 kills and getting good rank (generally rank 1).

Gladiator: Getting 2+ kills via the use of Pan, Crowbar, Machete, Sickle aka melee weapons.

Golden Boy: Winning doing 0 damage and taking 0 damage.

Grenadier: 2+ kills via grenade.

Gunslinger: Get kills between 7-10.

Head Hunter: 2+ head shot kills.

Headshot Master: Major kills from head shots. (Citation needed)

Helpless: Getting knocked out 3+ times in-game.

Lifesaver: Do 3+ revives.

Long Bomber: Getting head shot kills over a large distance by any gun.

Marathon Man: Covering over 1000+ meters distance by feet.

Marathon Runner: Covering long distance by vehicle.

Masochist: Doing damage to yourself by the grenade.

Medic: 500+ health recover (revives also help).

Nugget Dinner: Getting rank 1 with less than five kills.

Prone to Prone: (Prone also means lying down flat) getting 2+ kills in “lying down position”.

Road Rage: Getting 2+ kills by running people over with a vehicle.

Scavenger: Looting 2+ airdrops.

Sir Miss-a-Lot: Miss a lot of shots.

Skyfall: Dying via bombardments in the red zone.

Suicide Squad: Dying by blowing yourself up with a grenade or committing any stupid activity that can get you killed (running in an open field when enemies are around).

Survivalist: Getting 25+ min survival time with low kills and low damage.

Tactical Expert: Surviving the match with excellent planning and execution.

Terminator (with gold lining): 10+ kills.

Terminator (without gold lining): Killing the last person alive and getting rank 1.

Too Soon: Dying or getting killed within 3 mins of landing.

Wabbit Hunter: Getting 2+ kills via shotgun.

Wild Shot: Doing overall damage of less than 10 throughout the game i.e 0 kills with a random hit ( or 1 kill if a headshot).

Wretched Hive: Unknown (?).

If you know anymore which is not present in the list, let us know in the comment section below.

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11 responses to “PUBG Mobile’s medal list and meaning”

  1. BallsDeep69 Avatar

    Thanks for the list. This helped a lot since I got the following 9 medals in 1 game.

    – gunslinger
    – headhunter
    – berserker
    – medic
    – marathon man
    – finisher
    – armor expert
    – curator
    – scavenger

    1. AtulHost Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

    2. Chirag Avatar

      There is maximum of 8 medals it can be more than, 8, idiot😂😂😂

      1. AtulHost Avatar

        In Chinese version it is possible to get more medals. I think the limit is only for Global version only. Since I had never counted how many medals I got in single match; I’m not sure about the limit.

  2. Priya Avatar

    The meaning of “fly on the wall” is wrong. As after playing the event mode, I died due to zombie ability and NOT because of being outside the safe zone.

  3. Soumyadeep Dutta Avatar
    Soumyadeep Dutta

    What means by Long Bomber?? 💣

    1. AtulHost Avatar

      When someone makes a successful headshot over a larger distance then he awarded as Long Bomber.

      It is mostly when one shot with 8x Scopes full capacity.

  4. T Avatar

    Hawk-eyed means kill or knock a player who travels in a vehicle more than 40km/hr.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks for the addition.

  5. Ambika Avatar

    Tactical expert means good at planning and execution. It is Not “surviving without any kills”. Since, I get this medal a lot with 10-12 kills😂. Please correct that one. Mostly are correct.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks, Ambika for correcting me. I have updated it to the article.

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