PUBG craze is simmering down!

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In recent days, to some extent, the craze of PUBG is simmering down. In this article, I’ll share some reasons why it’s happening now and what makers can do to avoid the simmering.

Reason 1: PUBG is a hefty session game.

Since the session itself takes more than 30 minutes on average, many gamers are leaving their interest in PUBG. The same experience is better on rival games, and they are well entertaining their users.

Reason 2: Cheaters are ruining the game.

From day one, PUBG has failed to implement any right and working anti cheat engine. In every second and third match, it is common to face cheaters. A player feels terrible when a cheater ruins the whole gameplay.

Reason 3: Players want regional players, not Cheater Chinese.

Regional locking was implemented lately on PUBG, but it is not efficient. Chinese players somehow use VPNs and play from other regions. The behavior of Chinese players are too bad.

No one can deny this issue that Chinese players are making this game pathetic, even they are the ones who cheat a lot, using modern ways to hack the gameplay. The report system is so slow that it takes ages to identify them.

These are the most common reasons why PUBG craze is simmering down, not by a lot, but slowly, every day.

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