How to avoid cheaters and hackers in PUBG?

PUBG is one of the most played multiplayer games and it is available on PC as well as Mobile. No matter how strong is PUBG’s team to ban the cheaters and hackers, they are easily spotted to ruin the beauty of this game.

In this article, we will see some of the ways to avoid hackers in PUBG.

Hackers in PUBG
Hackers in PUBG

There is an anti-cheat engine in PUBG and PUBG Mobile, but hackers try different strategies to bypass the engines. So, better follow some serious tips to avoid them.

1: Switch from TPP to FPP.

Since TPP (Third-Person Perspective) is played by almost everyone, there are almost no hackers in FPP (First-Person Perspective) mode. FPP is the way we all should play the game. TPP mode is by default cheating where everyone has the advantage to see through walls from side angles without disclosing yourself.

TPP isn’t the way we all should play, unless it is a story game.

Update: These days, I’m is facing issues in FPP mode as well, but it is not common in every match, once in any.

My team once faced cheaters and hackers in every single game we played. That was really a frustrating moment, and we made our mood to play some other game. This is the reason PUBG craze is simmering down.

2: Play on other maps too.

Almost all the hacks are played on the default map which is Erangel. Try other maps too, chances will be high that the gameplay will be fare and free from the hackers. If you are playing just for fun, then play on arcade or war mode, since they are fast-paced game hackers do not want to play it more often.

3: Avoid crowded areas.

Hackers first choice is a crowded area, where he can kill the most players. Still, you have to face them at the near game end if they use the hack very well.

4: Report the hacker ASAP!

If you get killed by a hacker, do report it. This is the only way to deal with them.

We know it is a really frustrating thing to get killed by a hacker who ruins the fun of the gameplay. These are the things we can follow to avoid the hackers and to ban them if spotted in PUBG.

Unfortunately, this is really pain in the ass, and the sign that developers are unable to handle cheaters.

5: Avoid PUBG Mobile emulator players.

Special tip for mobile players, never add an emulator player to your team, else you will get a match session with most of the emulator players. PUBG Mobile has a single lobby system with different rank models. Mobile users get a high reward, while emulator players get a low reward to rank in the leaderboard. So if you are playing in a team, make sure all guys are from mobile or tablet, otherwise, you will definitely face hackers.

PUBG Mobile is a game for mobile users, it is not meant to play on PC.

There is an official emulator by PUBG, but they have released it so that no one uses BlueStack. It is a marketing trick to say that PUBG Mobile Emulator has a different lobby and emulator players will only get emulator ones. Even the leaderboard is the same for both users.

So these are the tips to avoid cheaters and hackers in PUBG.

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