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Is JioFi faster than Jio SIM?

The majority of us have used Jio SIM, as it is affordable and offers a true 4G experience. Some even have used JioFi as their primary or secondary router, even in lockdown (China’s Covid-19), there was an unforeseeable demand for mobile routers, and trust me the internet was full of this question – is JioFi faster than Jio SIM?

SIM Card

To be honest, the clear answer is NO. But one can expect a strong network connection and stability.

Since JioFi is a dedicated mobile router its only job is to share internet and nothing else, while Jio SIM used in mobile device and used as mobile hotspot will not share 100% of its availability as a mobile device will definitely use internet for itself like – checking frequent emails, social media notifications, and etc.

Over that JioFi can be placed at a higher location where it has a better opportunity to catch good coverage and signal. While mobile devices too have similar benefit but we do not use mobile like that.

Even antennas on JioFi is bigger compared to mobile.

So you have your answer now. If you want to share anything to share let us known in the comment section below.




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