How to start a successful cannabis business?

The cannabis business is one of the trending investment opportunities at the moment since its legalization in almost all the states in the US. The large profits and potential for the exponential growth of this business is also a huge driver for people to venture into.


Note that cannabis business is not legal everywhere, wherever it is legal, you need to follow that country’s strict rules and regulations.

If you are interested in starting this business, this article is for you. Below are four things that you need to have a shot at making it in the cannabis business:

Cutting-edge idea.

When you are looking to start a business, the catch is to have an idea that has not been explored by many people. This idea should also be meeting people’s needs for you to become successful.

However, it all begins with you deciding on which industry you want to go in first. While the “grow” sectors and dispensaries are the common business in the cannabis industry, you need to realize that they have been done by a lot of people.

For instance, people with cannabis dispensaries in Colorado are making a lot of profits but given the rise of these clinics, it is postulated that the profits will go down in the future.

The growing sector is also flooded and will soon start to go down as well. The catch is to go into a less untapped field.

For example, how many cannabis spas that use massage oil infused with marijuana do you know of in your state? It is this kind of thinking that will cut it for you in this sector.

Follow the rules.

The cannabis business has some of the strictest rules and regulations are given that it was prohibited in the past. So, it does not matter whether your business plan is perfect, if you have a large customer base, or have a large capital, you have to follow the rules.

The repercussions of failure to comply with the set laws are often hefty fines that might make you go bankrupt or jail time. So the next time you want to cut corners, you need to bear that in mind. Cannabis rules and regulations are complex and at times confusing particularly when you are new to the business hence, you need an expert to demystify them for you. You may need to work with a cannabis consulting firm such as Argonaut Advisors. Such companies offer advice to cannabis operators and will give your perspective on what will work.

For example, you need to know what legal documents and licenses you need to run your business. You also need to know what the law says about the mode of payment that you need to set up for your customers.

This is because you are required to show that your business is transparent.

Have enough capital.

We oftentimes see an underestimation of what it takes to be a successful cannabis operator at scale. It’s really, really hard. I can’t stress enough how important it is for capital to favor good operators over perceived good opportunities.

Drew Breuninger, Argonaut Advisors

For this reason, you require sufficient capital for your business to thrive. Most investors are a bit skeptical about investing in the marijuana sector given that it is illegal under federal law. Thus, you need to find people who would be willing to take the risk with you.

To be on the safer side, it is prudent that you raise most of the capital on your own before bringing other people on board.

Know your customers.

When you are about to start any business, it is good that you first understand who your customer is and whether they may be interested in what you intend to offer.

This calls for you to perform research for you to make sense of various things. You need to engage companies that are centered on cannabis market research as they provide you with comprehensive insights into what the customers expect from you.

It is good that you keep an open mind because at times you may have to go back and rethink what you want to provide your customers with. While at it, ensure that you forge a relationship with your customers because you will need them for your business to grow.


The cannabis business is an exciting business venture with a lot of opportunities for you to explore. However, you need to know what you want to be dealing in, follow the rules, secure capital, and know your consumers.

With these four tips, you will be big bucks in no time.

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