Can you earn money selling logos online?


If you’re a creative individual, creating logos may be one way to make money.

With so many internet and physical companies and startups on the market, there’s always a demand for logos.

This has prompted an increase in the logo competition.

Logos may also be quick to develop, especially if you’re using a program that you already know. This article goes through selling stamps and what is truly entailed to sell logos and earn money.

Opera logo
Opera new logo design.

Looking at the situation objectively, you’ve likely as of now determined whether the effort is worthwhile before you start rather than after you’ve invested time and money in the process.

Logo design cost.

A logo design might range from $0 to hundreds of dollars, although if you’re a small business or startup searching for top-quality design, you should expect to pay between $300 and $1300. The cost of a logo design is determined by its quality and the person who made it. Decide how much cash you have accessible previously consulting us so that we can assist you in picking the best strategy depending on your demands.

Logo designer salary.

The average pay for logo designer jobs is $45,000. It rises with experience levels.

Create your portfolio.

Creating a good portfolio is the most essential point to sell logos and earn money.


The most popular website for creatives to exhibit their work is Behance. Showing your portfolio on a site like Behance is, without a doubt, one of the most excellent methods to market your abilities and talents.

1. Select your best work.

Your Behance portfolio is most potent as a succession of projects: one project per Behance page. If you don’t have much to exhibit, you might combine many tasks into a single Behance site.

2. Share a backstory, complemented by a theme.

Take time to explore your work thoroughly. Consider how you’ll convey it. People are inclined to like stories. Developing a short history for your project can entice your viewers.

3. Flaunt the medium.

Use the medium to bring out the intended work. Take photos of individuals using it if possible. Otherwise, search for free templates that allow you to insert your work for a good appearance.


The Dribbble Portfolio plugin, however, has a few more sophisticated capabilities. The shortcode will display up to 15 photos and includes parameters that allow you to select the border color, background color, and several pictures displayed.

Instead of sending visitors to Dribbble, clicking on pictures will show them in a pop-up. Each shot has a title and represents several views, comments, and likes. You may continue to utilize Dribbble to promote your work and have it automatically updated on your WordPress site with the aid of a plugin.

All of these plugins allow Dribbble’s heavy users to keep their portfolios up to date without having to put in any extra time. With WordPress, you may continue promoting yourself and being discovered on Dribbble while maintaining your domain portfolio.

WordPress Website.

WordPress is an excellent solution for freelancers who need to showcase their projects on a budget.

It’s got everything you’ll need – power out of the box and additional functionality via the many different themes and plugins available. How to make a simple (but elegant) WordPress Portfolio Site in 8 steps:

  1. Select a suitable WordPress hosting.
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Install suitable themes and plugins.
  4. Make a header.
  5. Create a project gallery.
  6. Create an About Me section.
  7. Create a contact form.
  8. Create a WordPress portfolio site to flesh out your new website.

Places where you can sell your services.


If you want to sell logos and earn money as a service, Fiverr is the best option. Since its early days, the site has expanded dramatically, becoming a place where individuals offer a wide range of services (often), starting at $5.

Fiverr is a popular marketplace for small tasks, which can be completed in five minutes or less. It’s also the site that many new online business owners look to when they want something done. Anyone who chooses to buy will appreciate the affordable price tag, which helps to keep the site active.

Fiverr is simple to get started with, and the site is built with tasks like logo design in mind. Accordingly, the two purchasers and merchants are protected by strict regulations, making it an easy place to do business.

Logo competition websites.

Are you ready to design a logo for your business but aren’t sure where to begin?

If you conduct a logo design contest, you may save money by not hiring a single designer or agency to create your logo.

What is it? Said, you submit your logo design brief to hundreds of skilled designers, who will then create a logo for you. After the deadline has passed, please select your favorite design and finish it off before taking ownership.

You’ll discover that one of the most important benefits of using a logo design competition is the sheer number of ideas that flow in, with none of the hassles associated with waiting for one designer to finish something you like.

Several firms allow you to conduct a design contest. We’ve compiled a list of the top ones for you to investigate.

  • 99designs
  • Design Crowd
  • Design Hill
  • Freelance Logo Design
  • 48Hours Logo
  • Crowdspring
  • Logo Design Guru
  • Guerra Creativa
  • LogoTournament
  • Hatchwise
  • Zillion Designs

Freelancer websites.

There are many options provided to sell logos and earn money on a general ‘freelancer’ site like or

We do have to pay by the hour, but the designs we receive are generally better quality and more to my liking. For an organization, it bodes well to pay $100 rather than $5.

As a seller, you have a lot more possibilities to turn a profit here! However, you must also become more professional and learn how to outbid other freelancers. At Fiverr, you launch a gig and wait for buyers to come. You’ll need to write a proposal, bid a price, and communicate with the seller as the project advances at Upwork.

Places where you can sell logo design.


StockLogos is a well-known marketplace for logos, featuring over 156,000 designers and 65,000 logo designs for sale. StockLogos offers thousands of symbols for instant sale and receives a lot of traffic, which is excellent. Thus any person can easily sell logos and earn money here.


The last digital marketplace we’ll speak about today is Freepik. There are presently 4.5 million graphic assets accessible on Freepik. It’s simple to get started and monetize your skills as a contributor. You have to create an account, then start sharing your work and making money.

Customers will likely appreciate this marketplace since it will allow them to buy and sell logos and earn money.


Logo design might appear to be a rather lucrative field, mainly because there are few expenses. However, there is the problem of competition. On Fiverr, for example, there may be hundreds of individuals who sell logos and earn money, large numbers of whom have effectively fabricated a strong reputation on the site.

You have a greater chance of getting somewhere if you have a distinct logo or something unique to offer. While most people would choose to work with a known supplier, there will be some who wish to gamble on a new one, especially if they enjoy what you have to offer.

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