How to reach out to your customers?

The best way to reach out to your client base is to do what you can to really understand their needs. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

You can do this with facts and figures using reporting tools, with google sheets integration for example, and also by contacting them through social media.

Reach Out to Your Customers
Reach Out to Your Customers

There are more simple marketing techniques as well which will help you to truly understand your customers. Let’s see some of them one by one.

Don’t be afraid to go niche.

Focusing on one particular demographic is more effective than you might think. It’s better to stick to one idea and not try to do everything. If your product has one clear use then it will be easier to sell. One really good idea is better than trying to offer too many different things, so try to keep it simple. Plan your brand image carefully and decide on which angle you are going to focus on. This will help you with your analytics as well. Take your niche market and its needs into consideration. Put more effort into thinking of a clear idea of these details rather than spending money making your product too extravagant.

State-of-the-art technology.

Communication is key so you want to apply intelligent customer engagement.

Update your operating system and all your devices. Optimize your use of video calls, wireless conferencing, and cloud-based software. Keep everything as accessible as possible.

Consider investing in augmented reality devices in order to give your clients a virtual protocol of your product.

Do what you can to stay wireless, and mobile. It’s a good idea to get a card reader to make instant payments. It’s a quick and simple way to pay on your devices and there are a variety of options. You can use apps such as PayPal to make instant payments.

People are less patient nowadays with advances in technology, so it’s important to be quick and efficient or you could lose them at the early stages of the sale process. Have all your documents and other information saved to the Cloud. This means they can be accessed from any device at any time. You can also have the client able to view or even edit documents in real time. This allows you to provide instant customer satisfaction.

Digital marketing.

Social media is essential to any business. There are more than one billion active Instagram users per month and 70% of customers look up the brand they’re interested in on the app. You can find more about Instagram here if you’re interested.

Be active on sites such as LinkedIn for networking purposes. This is the most foolproof and free way to spread the word about your business.

If you have more money to spend, think about setting up an affiliate program. This will allow you to create a greater online presence for your company. It will be well worth it in the long run. Facebook ads are also a good investment. If you haven’t already, set up Facebook Pixel and this will allow you to run ads on Facebook for a fee.

Blogging is the most cost-effective way to successfully market online. Create your own blog for your business or product/service. Be sure to add plenty of activity and information. Use technology to create video tutorials and state-of-the-art web design.


With all the technology out of the way, it’s still necessary to stress some more of the basics. If you really try to get into your customer’s shoes you can understand them better.

Ask yourself questions like, what are they doing here? Why do they need your service? What makes them happy? Really go deep into your client base and analyze their lifestyle. Put yourself in their position.

When taking surveys and feedback, try to focus on the customer. Don’t be biased or ask leading questions if you want to get their true opinion. Once you have feedback, prove that you’ve taken it into consideration by responding personally. Reward your customers for helping you to make your business more successful.

Really make your analytics work for you by building up a picture of your client in your head. Take note of their age, gender, job, likes, and dislikes. Try to create a complete persona for them. Social Media can help you here as well. What other brands do they like? What do they post about? Be sure to be active and responsive on social media as well. Make the effort to post video tutorials and memos, to really get in touch with your client base.


Frequent communication will keep your customers loyal as well, but it’s also important that you stay local to them. Keep their data on file such as birthdays, so you can send out cards and promotions. Send as personal messages as you can.

You can also send out monthly newsletters, but with offers and promotional codes included otherwise, they probably won’t get read by everyone. Make sure your customers are comfortable using your product or service by sending them useful information and guides. Set up an online chat system for technical support if you have the resources. The more effort it appears you are making for them, the more loyal your customers will be.

Reward loyalty. Send generous gift cards and set up extra perks for your most loyal customers. Let them skip the line as well, or give them a separate line. Put loyal customers’ needs first. You can give them the first news of any new releases, and with discounted prices. You can consider setting up different payment plans for more loyal customers as well. For some more information on how to reward loyal customers, click here.

Customer service.

In general, make sure your staff is trained to follow a good customer service protocol. Even with all the advances in technology, most customers will really appreciate a good human experience.

Talk to them personally and have their feedback on your customer service specifically as well. Make their opinions count when you plan for the future.

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