How to increase your chances of getting hired in the digital age?

Getting a job today is not the same as it was ten or twenty years ago. For one thing, most businesses conduct a majority, or at least a large chunk of their dealings online or through the use of digital platforms.

Another component of this technology shift is that many new businesses and companies are popping up with services and products in response to this technology. This means that the job market looks a little bit different, and that activities like blogging, website creation, cyber security, and digital marketing are all new fields looking to hire individuals with the right skill set and certifications.

It can become easy to feel ill equipped when entering this digital universe, but there are some very simple ways that employed individuals have increased their “hireability” without having to waste time or money.

Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired
Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

We’ve compiled some of the most efficient and effective training courses and career moves to help those searching the job market bulk up their resume.

Website design and digital content generation.

Because so much business is now conducted online, companies are seeing an increased incentive to beautify their online presence. It is important that brand is communicated effectively online, which is why if you are a digital entrepreneur, our experts recommend taking special care in designing your website and constructing your digital content.

There are many ways to do this, one of which includes hiring an outside designer to make graphics and create a linking system within the site that makes navigating the website and getting to products fast and simple for potential clients.

Clicking on a website that appears poorly constructed only looks bad for the company. A beautiful site with clear and easy to read text that quickly establishes the brand and the services or products being offered means the reader will stay on the page longer.

Effective linking to bring the reader quickly to a place where they can become a customer or buyer makes the site even more profitable. If a client has to spend ten minutes trying to find the right link to locate a product, they may just give up and try elsewhere.

Web protection and cybersecurity.

Those who are not already enjoying a stable career or a budding business can often have difficulties knowing what career path to enter next. A great qualification to include on any resume in this time period is a Cyber security certification.

With this new wave of companies who conduct all or most business online, this skill is an exciting resume builder. Whether you are applying for a management position, a content writing job, or even accounting or sales careers for online platforms, having the know-how to protect your company from potential breaches of security is a major benefit.

Digital marketing.

The marketing field has become about so much more than traditional print ads. There are so many ways to streamline the process of becoming more visible to clients, and much of the visibility comes from online viewers or readers. Blogging, linking, and investing in the right paid ads are all very important aspects of marketing online.

Any individual in the marketing field can increase their hireability and substantiate their analytical skills and real world experience by seeking certification in Search Engine Optimization. Training courses also teach ad bidding and creating quality online content that converts readers or viewers quickly into buyers.

Your online presence.

If you are trying to get hired, the first thing any digital-based company is going to look at is your current digital presence. If your website is a mess or not designed or optimized well, how can a company expect you will treat their online brand any differently?

It is important to maintain professionalism online and to use multiple platforms to sell yourself, your brand, and your skills. If you can market and maintain your own digital presence, a company will see you as the type of person they want on board and chances of getting hired will be higher.

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