How to fix scheduled events are running late in WordPress?

In WordPress, scheduled events are what periodically looks for updates to plugins, themes and WordPress itself. It is also what makes sure scheduled posts are published on time. It may also be used by various plugins (which uses schedule mechanisms) to make sure that planned actions are executed. But due to some internal glitches scheduled events may run late in WordPress and things may go wrong for your website, how to fix it?

In this article, I’ll explain you how to fix scheduled events are running late in WordPress? Just focus and follow the below solutions. I’m expecting that you know how to manage your WordPress dashboard area (only basics nothing else).

Correct your timezone.

The very first thing you should correct is your timezone settings in WordPress. To set it just navigate to…

WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General > Timezone.

Once you correct it, just delete/purge/remove the cache one.

Correct the configurations and settings of caching plugin.

If the above solution is not fixing the issue, better look into the caching plugin itself. A misconfigured settings will cause a big issue like this. Just make sure you are not caching admin area, and you should avoid caching admin area.

Here the issue should get resolved. But for some users it may appear again if they hit some hardware limits.

Increase the PHP memory.

If the above solution is not fixing the same error, or partially fixed for some time, then you need to check some serious stuff from server end. You’ll need to increase the PHP memory for better data handling.

Since scheduling eats up enough memory better allocate some more to avoid such crash/errors.

For a small blog 64 or 128 MB is more than enough, and for some big blogs you should have at least 256 or 512 MB.

This is it. WordPress would miss scheduled events because of above three reasons.

If you have any further doubt or issue, just raise it in the comment section below.

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