Follow these essential steps while hiring the right person for the right job

Finding a good employee is a difficult process for any business. Hire the wrong person, and your company will be negatively impacted in both time and money. Hire the right person, and they might become an asset for years. In order to make sure you get that right person for the job, here are the essential steps to take during your hiring process.


Create a great job posting.

The first step in hiring the right person is to have the right job description. An accurate and well-written description not only helps you attract the right applicants, but it also weeds out those who don’t qualify.

When writing a job posting make sure you list what requirements the job may have, additional skills which might be necessary, what the job expectations are, and company culture. Then make sure that you post your job in the right locations to attract the applicants you want. This can include places like online job boards such as, or on your company career page.

Be selective about your applicants.

After your job is posted you will need to deal with applicants. Now is the chance to be selective. Begin by eliminating those who don’t meet your requirements or have spelling or grammatical errors on their resume. If they don’t pay attention to their own resume, how can you expect them to focus while working for you? Other ways to weed out applicants is by cover letter, GPA, references , etc. By this time you will have narrowed down your applicants to the most qualified.

Run a background check.

A background check is vitally important in the interview process. What shows up on a background check can verify that person’s identity, employment history, credit history, criminal records, and education. The information obtained will allow you to cross-check your data with what they have provided on their resume. If you are hiring for a financial role, their credit history can be used to see if they have any financial red flags. Finally, it will allow you to make sure that who you are hiring is who they say they are. Identity theft is becoming more and more prevalent in this day and age with over 1.4 million victims in 2020.

Set up an interview.

Now take your list of approved candidates and begin setting up interviews. An unprompted phone call is a good way to talk to them unprepared. You can see how they handle it unprepared, and it’s an easy way to test them on communication skills.

Conduct a great interview.

The final step is the most important step in the process. Interviewing is one of the most challenging parts of hiring, but it gives you the most valuable information. When conducting an interview, there are several things to keep in mind:

Evaluate their personality.

Use the interview to gage their personality. Ask questions about how they react under stress, or how they deal with adversity. During the process try to have a conversation with the applicant to see how they might act without the stress or structure of an interview.

Determine their team fit.

Their personality will help you consider their fit with your team. They could be an extremely accomplished applicant, but if they won’t fit with the rest of your employees, they will only cause disruptions. Consider having some of their future coworkers sit in on the interview and then give you their feedback when it is over.

Determine their truthfulness.

Ask them questions about their resume to see if they can walk you through it. You don’t need to necessarily grill them on every point, but it is important that they are not stretching the truth in regards to their abilities.

These steps will help you to find the best applicants for the job so that your company reaps the rewards.

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