Difficulties faced by virtual assistants

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Virtual assistants undergo several complications in their job, and there are also many ways available to overcome those pitfalls easily. The wonderful way to avoid challenges taking place in the virtual assistant job is to create awesome policies and adhere to them, so you never face any difficulties from virtual assistants.

Difficulties Faced by Virtual Assistants in their Business

Unlike any other business venture, creating a new virtual assistant business seems to be extremely challenging. There arise the feeling of inadequacy, lack of confidence, the feeling of loneliness, and many other complications.

Some virtual assistants are easily getting discouraged from continuing their passion for creating a virtual assistant venture due to these obstacles and challenges. Although, if you face these many challenges in your job, try to find out new ways to overcome those problems instead of quitting your business.

Some of the common challenges faced by virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants seem to be independent contractors who offer technical professionally creative as well as administrative services for various organizations.

However, professionals belonging to this business field offer secretarial services like updating a company’s database, performing web marketing tasks, designing marketing materials and many more activities.

Since, they handle all kinds of work remotely either through emails, conference calls, fax or online chat. Such type of business arrangements also comes with plenty of challenges.

Some of the common challenges faced by the virtual team includes are:

  • Difficulty with Delegation
  • Mismatched Needs or Skills
  • Diminished Productivity
  • Lack of Personal Connection and Empathy
  • Incompatible Communication Preferences
  • Hidden Incompetence
  • Feeling of Solitude
  • Poor Communication Leading to Misunderstanding
  • Inadequate Clarity and Direction
  • Inability to Ask Appropriate Question

List of challenges faced by virtual assistants and teams.

The virtual assistants are facing challenges in their business life. Some of the noteworthy and important challenges taking place in their virtual assistant business practice are:

1. Language barriers.

Serving international clients seems to be a hard job for virtual assistants while the customers are not well-fluent in English.

If you as well as your client are not familiar with the same language then it turns to be extremely hard to communicate about service, details, and cost of the project.

Providing good results to the customers turn to be a challenging task since understanding the expectation and needs of the customer seem to be the most important step in offering satisfactory service. In such a situation, virtual assistants are in need of depending upon translation software and translators which seems to be the added cost for carrying out their business operations.

2. Trust factors.

Virtual assistants are facing difficult situation while convincing international clients to believe them with their urgent or big contracts, due to the reason that they obviously work from residence or inadequate physical office setups.

A virtual assistant must possess detailed marketing skills to deal with international clients. Organizations that are dealing with international clients will offer their virtual assistants with mentorship and training programs to get massive success in their business.

3. Time difference.

Handling clients from different time zones indicates a massive challenge for virtual teams. Since you need to work in odd hours so as to communicate and attain your international clients. However, if your customer is from a different time zone and wants to give real-time clarification, consultation, and feedback then it is extremely difficult for a virtual assistant to handle such customers.

4. Exchange rate and payments.

Managing accounts and financial records seems to be extremely difficult when international customers create payments by making use of their local currencies.

For instance, it might be extremely hard to settle payments from PayPal accounts if various currencies are preferred.

Moreover, a virtual assistant seems to get less payment in case their international customer tend to pay their currency which is powerful than a dollar.

5. Feeling of loneliness.

One of the massive challenges faced by virtual assistants is that they work along for prolonged hours. The virtual assistants might miss the opportunity of being friendly with others. They can easily combat the loneliness by joining a few online communities to eradicate the feeling of loneliness.

6. Not believing in success.

Most of the virtual assistants have the question that whether they can reap success in their field. If their business does not attain expected growth in a certain time period then they deem that their success goes out of the window.

You can get a business coach or mentor who can extremely help you to achieve real success in their marketing and business plan.

7. Inadequate marketing skills.

Virtual assistants can easily concentrate on two things like hiring someone to do marketing on behalf of you or else you try to learn the fundamental skills involved in marketing before starting a business.

Social marketing like LinkedIn and Facebook as well as online marketing are considering the most famous method of marketing.

To gain adequate marketing skills, you need to real blogs regarding marketing and read plenty of articles that describe the importance of online marketing.

8. Fear and overwhelm.

When you have the fear of communicating with others then you are sure to lose your responsibility and work. So, do not let fear rule you. It is other massive challenges faced by the new virtual assistants however through excellent training programs you can able to easily overcome those fear symptoms easily.

9. Lack of confidence level.

Lack of confidence seems to be the major complication faced by present-day virtual assistants. The virtual assistants must have the skills and talent to face their international clients boldly without any shyness.

It will make them attain massive success in their business field. You must increase your knowledge and skill through extensive training programs.


A career as a virtual assistant offers a wonderful deal of independence and freedom, however you must increase your skills, talents, and knowledge to be free from these above-mentioned complications.

Virtual assistant plays the role of the paralegal, secretary, personal assistant, and hence office manager, so you are sure to get many complications which are sometimes new.

When the complications level rise, try to overcome it by applying effective solutions.

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