15 small business ideas that you can start in 2020

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Starting a small business is one of the best ways to earn your financial freedom and stop worrying about making the ends meet.

A successful business is every entrepreneur’s dream. It doesn’t matter if the business is small, as long as the entrepreneur’s goal is clearly defined.

Let’s be honest, though. Most small business owners are seeking a way to make money while following their passions at the same time.

For instance, a passionate football coach can start a digital education program and sell video courses on how to become a better football player. Similarly, a passionate cook can monetize his knowledge and expertise through coaching sessions, e-books, and webinars. Starting a small business is now more possible than ever.

Small Business Ideas
Small Business Ideas

There are tons of educational resources on every possible topic, from how to launch your startup and market your products to how to manage your finances and improve your business efficiency.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 15 small business ideas that you can tackle in 2020.

01. Consulting.

If you’re knowledgeable and skillful in a particular domain or field of activity, you can become a consultant. It’s as easy as that. You first need to build your reputation by working on small and often underpriced projects. Do your best to offer the best consultancy services and improve your clients’ businesses. Once you successfully consulted a few projects you can make your own brand.

If you’re good at marketing, start a marketing consultancy personal brand. If you’re good at real estate hunting, make that a niche and become a real estate consultant that offers a unique value proposition. Bottom point is that if you’re confident in your ability to make a real change, start consulting!

02. Branding and marketing.

Whether it’s for a small local avenue or a multinational digital corporation, branding and marketing are two essential components of every contemporary business.

If you understand how people perceive brands and if you get how the marketing landscape works, especially the local one, you can start a small business offering branding and marketing services.

You can also offer to consult but putting up the work and delivering hardly-earned results will help you make a name for yourself real quick.

03. Writing and publishing.

If you’re good with words, you can try writing as a profession. Nowadays, you can opt to be an independent freelancer that chooses his own topics and titles.

You can be a ghostwriter, meaning that you get contracted by companies to write and sell content. The compensation is attractive, but you’ll sell the copyrights over the content you deliver. Or, you can contact magazines, submit a sample post, and become a regular publisher. You can scale the process and write dozens of articles for dozens of well-read magazines.

04. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products for a commission. For example, Amazon offers up to 5% commissions on sales, so if you send an internet user to Amazon’s product page using a referral link, you’ll get the 5% commission on the product your referral has bought. You can start a website and a blog, write quality content, and promote various products to a specific target audience.

Here’s a good guide for starting out with affiliate marketing.

05. eCommerce.

Since the digital space is so broad right now, most people are getting accustomed to shopping online. You can start a small online store that sells various niche products for a specific target audience.

For example, you can start a “Healthy Pet Snacks” store and promote it nationally.

06. Stock photography.

Stock photography is a profitable business, especially for those who treat it very seriously. Let me explain. In today’s marketplace, every business is constantly searching for fresh and qualitative visual content.

It could be images, photos, videos, or AR and VR footage.

If you’re a traveler, for example, or if you’re constantly taking pictures and posting them on social media, you can take your activity to the next and get into stock photography.

You’ll basically allow people to use your images and videos for personal and business purposes, for a fair price.

07. Subscription box.

Subscription box businesses are becoming more and more popular as time goes by. This business model is simple and effective.

You choose a niche, identify a problem or a need, and create a formula of products that help at solving the need or removing the problem.

For example, a Fitness Subscription Box could gather and deliver healthy products that help fitness addicts get better results. Since it’s a subscription box, it will be delivered weekly or monthly, depending on your preferences.

08. Virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can be considered the “right hand” of the employer.

The role of a virtual assistant is to assist the operations and tasks of the client, deal with the time-consuming yet very important duties, and much more. A virtual assistant’s job is personalized according to the job’s description and the leader’s needs. Instead of being an employee, you can develop a personal brand in this field too and market yourself as a “super-assistant”.

09. Nutritionist.

If you’re passionate about nutrition and health and you’re also very knowledgeable in the subject, why not become a nutritionist. Nowadays, the certifications are starting to lose value. It’s the knowledge and value that you provide that makes you a good nutritionist, not the diplomas. Therefore, if you have any proven strategies and methods of losing weight, protecting health, or improving the well-being of people, you should check out this small business opportunity.

10. Personal fitness instructor.

Do you often hit the gym and teach other newbies how to execute their workouts properly as you perform your workout? You can start a personal training business and teach people how to exercise and eat properly. You can perform your workouts in the meantime, so you’re killing two birds with one stone.

11. Dog trainer.

If you’re good at dog psychology and you’ve always wanted to spend more time with dogs, a personal dog training business can be the best solution for you.

You’ll probably have to get some certifications, but again, that is not what matters most. It’s your knowledge, skills, and mindset that define you as a professional.

12. Jewelry maker.

The jewelry business is extremely popular nowadays, especially because lots of people can now purchase products online. Because it’s so convenient, the demand for jewelry has increased. If you’re patient, creative, and love jewelry, you can start this creative business. Create and sell your products on places like Etsy, Amazon, or even locally.

13. Write a book or start a course.

In 2019, everyone can become an author.

Of course, not everyone will be successful, though everyone has a shot.

If you’re confident in your ideas, knowledge, and writing, you can start writing your own book. You can use self-publishing as a way to be independent of publishing agencies, and you can promote your business online using digital marketing strategies.

14. Voice artist.

If the sound of your voice is accurate, mild, or simply special, you can become a voice over artist and record advertisements, create audio books, or develop podcasts.

Becoming a voice artist is very simple if your voice “has what it takes”. Here’s an introductory guide to this small business opportunity.

15. Social media influencer.

If you’re a regular social media user who has a large following, you can turn this asset into a money-making machine. Social media influencers can make money by collaborating with companies who need social media exposure.

Simply put, if you have a large followers base on any relevant social channel, you can share and promote various products and brands for very fair prices.


As I’ve said before, starting a small business and turning it into a successful brand is entirely possible, and it’s up to you.

You just need to make your business innovative for customers.

Do you have the entrepreneurship spirit in you? Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to confront your fears, problems, and comfort? If you put your mind on it, financial freedom will be soon yours!

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