Why do some bad videos start trending on YouTube?

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There is no doubt the spam is everywhere, even on YouTube like famous video sharing platform. Unfortunately, many of video creators are making misuse of this feature. If you are thinking why do some bad videos start trending on YouTube then look ahead and read the reasons.

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Every day over hundreds and thousands of YouTubers are joining YouTube and sharing cool videos that entertain us. However most of the time you may notice that some of the videos are just clickbait. If you don’t know what clickbait is, then know it now – clickbait refers to any content which is sensational or provocative in nature, whose main purpose is to attract attention to visit target link.

Now, in developing countries, many people have got to know that one can earn money if one uploads videos on YouTube and get a significant amount of views on them. Many have found a way to get views on their videos. Make a video which has nothing in it. Choose a thumbnail and a title that the perverts of sick people would like to see.

There was a time when you opened the trending tab in YouTube and got to see some really good videos that were worth the Trending tab. Now, there are hardly any. All you to get to see are videos with titles which have this keyword, ‘Girl’.

It’s not that you would call these people (who upload such videos) perverts. There are many people who watch them and also like them. I’m sorry to say this but some sick people are trying to make YouTube, a porn site. A porn site which is not frowned upon by the general public and would also help them earn money.

YouTube team is also not doing anything significant to remove these videos. If these videos are getting views, YouTube is also earning from the ads that are displayed on these videos. This might be one of the reasons that these videos are not being removed.

If you want to do something to get these videos removed, just go to that video and report it. Don’t dislike it or leave a comment as it would increase the interactivity on that video and would probably help it come up above in YouTube search. Just report any video that you see is not appropriate for YouTube.

YouTube is for creators not for a bunch of people who want to spoil this network just for the sake of earning some ad revenue. Share your thoughts on this issue and if you have any solution don’t forget to comment them below.


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