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We often encounter this error “you are not authorized to access this web page as per the dot compliance” when we try to download some content which are not allowed to be downloaded without a consent or license.

To kill this piracy issue in the country, DoT (Department of Telecom) made this complete ban by instructing ISPs to keep the block intact as the sites are not following take down actions even after multiple notices.

So, what can we do here?

Simply you are not allowed to visit such sites and honestly you shouldn’t try to access them as well. Why? Because such sites can spread malware or virus which can harm your computer in a very bad way.

But, what if I want to take risks and visit such sites?

You can access such sites using a virtual private network where you change your location virtually and access such sites from some other country. Since the block is in a particular country such sites may be accessible in some other country. Or you can try proxies but this would be a less reliable way compared to a VPN.


Such blocked sites can lead to many issues that is why such sites are banned by the government and everyone should avoid visiting such sites.

Technically you should look for alternative and mostly legal methods to download things. But no one can stop you from visiting such banned sites from VPN or Proxies. Just keep in mind that you are doing everything at your own risk.

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