Why the demand for data centers in India is soaring?

Year 2020 was difficult time for everyone, but the same time came with a lot of new opportunities to take over the local as well as international demand.

The same opportunity is here for data centers, the demand for the online activity of users almost touched the maximum limit, similarly the use of online video streaming services like YouTube, Netflix reached its highest point in India throughout the entire time of lockdown. Even in un-lockdown uses is not going down.

This is all when nearly around 40% of Indian users actually use the internet and the majority of them are just mobile users.

For the first time, India has more rural internet users than urban. This increase in demand will never go down because businesses already saw the advantage of work from the home initiative which worked out well for many businesses.

Work from home also benefits a company and its employees by saving their time and money wasted on traveling from home to office and again office to home.

Data Center

But these all need a server to communicate, and data centers are only easy solution. Many large companies has these facility inside their premises but not every company can do the same as it requires maintenance, security, network reliability.

As of now, India has limited data centers to just fulfill the basic demand of Indians. But who is in the technology business knows that we need more data centers in various locations to satisfy the increasing demand of Indian users.

Experts predicted that by 2025 the demand for data centers going to be double.

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