What is TKL keyboard?

Computer keyboard comes in various form factors and TKL (Ten Key Less) is one of them. A TKL keyboard is an 80% sized keyboard without a side number pad, which is located on the right side. See below image for reference.

TKL keyboard

The full-sized keyboard has been around us for years, and it was the first choice for any gamer. But recently, there has been a slight shift toward tenkeyless keyboards as it allow users to reclaim lost desk area, transfers more area to mouse movements, and convenient enough to carry their keyboards to tournaments easily.

TKL keyboards become famous because, users still have access to numbers via the keyboard’s top row; this way they become more compact, and don’t lose much functionality.

TKL keyboards often come with mechanical switches, which are more accurate for editing and gaming workflow.

The most common switches are the reds, blues, and browns.

It follows the standard set by a company called Cherry. Whether the switches are of Cherry MX originals or any another brand, the reds have a linear feel, the blues are the clicky ones, and the browns are a mix of both.

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